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  1. Hi Tane, I have hundreds of audio files I need to import. Unfortunately I can't afford the time to convert them manually from MP3. I'm using OSX 10.12.6 and I've tried: 1) Adaptor from Macroplant (which uses FFmpeg...so I presume installing ffmpeg and running it from terminal won't work). 2) Adobe Audition CC and the 'Batch process' files tool. Neither of these attempts produced files that Nvivo will universally accept. Out of a sample of 16 files: 5 generated this error message: 'Unable to generate waveform' 7 generated: 'The media file is not a recognised format' 4 files imported just fine. I would very much appreciate advice from Nvivo on a batch processing audio conversion process that will work. And I'm happy to try out any solution you offer (whether it works or not). Many thanks, Ben P.S. But bless my soul, Nvivo seems to have no beef with WAV format so until I hear back on this one I'll be using option 1 to WAV.
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