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    NVivo!! also Education, Qualitative research, Formative Evaluation, Organizational Theory, Technology, Item Response Theory, Change Theory, Education Policy Studies. I provide workshops, and have been part of the Train the Trainer events sponsored by QSR.
  1. Penny Nolte

    Adding Attributes

    Thank you Leonie, for putting me on the right track! Checking the "replace existing values" box in addition to the "create unmatched cases" box has done it.
  2. Hi! I would like to add attributes to an attribute table that I've already uploaded to NVivo 8, on a Dell running XP. When I re-load the excel table into NVivo with the new attribute, the heading comes in ok but all of the new values, which are specified in excel, are blank. Maybe I can't do it this way, and need to add attributes one at a time in NVivo to a table that has already been imported? So I wanted to ask. Thanks!
  3. Penny Nolte

    Setting up Attributes

    Thanks Jen! Yes, I agree in practice I tend to use a combined approach, too. But this group happened to have a pre-defined set of attributes to work from and just expected a more traditional "wizard" look to the setup dialog box, so I passed their ideas along on the QSR "suggestions" forum. Can't wait to see the N7 attributes setup! As ever, Penny
  4. Penny Nolte

    Setting up Attributes

    Hello! Recently, I was demoing NVivo 2 when the topic of Attributes came up I blithely began explaining, going into Excel to set up a table, making sure that either Node or Document appeared in the upper left-hand cell, depending on which sort of attribute I wanted to create... then I imported it and took the group into the attributes menu to show the right-clicking, etc. to add to or change the attribute info. Well, this group, which was not un-computer savvy -- was amused. They questioned why there wasn't a dialog box to walk one through the process, like a "helper" in Word where you plug the values you want into a form and out pops a letter, I suppose. Perhaps I have just missed the Attributes dialog box all these year? Anyway, their question intrigued me so I am passing it along. Thanks! As ever, Penny