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  1. Hello As I'm using NVivo in language that will possibly not be included in the near future (Estonian ), I would like to be able to help the Word Frequency Query by adding the synonyms together myself, by hand, in order to create automatic tag cloud. And before that, it would be great if there was an option to say to the program to what extent from the beginning of the word it should match to others At the moment the system is able to match (if the scale is set to similar, including generalizations) words that have one additional letter at the end, such as: 'osakonna' and 'osakonnas' but is not able to match all the rest of the cases like osakonnast, osakonnaks, osakonnad although 8 letters from the beginning are exactly the same. Not to mention osakondi, osakondadesse, osakondadele, osakondadega, osakondade, osakonda, osakond (osakond=department), which are a bit different cases of the word. Is there a chance for you to create those two options for non-English/Spanish/etc use? But I can say that I love this program, it makes coding so much easier to handle Thank you! Age