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  1. I am on the trial version of NVivo 12 (plus) for PC (Windows 7) and drag and drop doesn't work at all. I highlight text but when I try to drag it over to the node window it immediately un-selects. I've used every other version of NVivo and never had this issue. Is it a bug? Or is there there a setting that needs to be changed? Thanks.
  2. I'm using NVivo 11 Plus on Windows 7 and some documents in my project keep generating a message saying "An error occurred when coding your sources. Please try again." I even tried saving it as a plain .txt file first and re-importing, but no luck. In a related issue, many of my documents apparently have NO sentiment and no themes. Any advice? Very frustrating. It has worked well in other projects.
  3. Ok thanks - yes the files are quite big so an alternate method of sending would be best. I will start the ticket. Shiphra
  4. Hi I hope someone can help me with this... I'm working on a project in parallel with a colleague. I'm trying to import her coding/nodes into my project. All the sources are identical. It's basically just two copies of the same project. Using the usual importing function, even if I check "INCLUDE content" and select nodes and coding modified or created by my colleague, all I get are a couple of the higher level nodes (none of the child nodes come through at all even though she created them) and they're blank! Just empty nodes. Same thing whether I select merge or create duplicates. We're both on PCs but she is using NVivo 11 starter and I am using the Plus version. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  5. This is a GREAT suggestion. Especially with the new color scheme of NVivo 11 (mostly white) it can be really hard on the eyes to code for hours at a time.
  6. shiphra

    search folder

    I'm having trouble with this as well and the solution above doesn't seem to work properly. For example, I have one node that is present in 18 of my 24 source transcripts. I would like a quick way of seeing which sources are NOT coded at that node. But if I do it the way described above it lists all 24 sources. If I right-click on the node and click visualize, then click "chart node coding" I can see the 18 sources that ARE coded, but then I have to manually cross-check adn find the ones that are not. Isn't there a way to simply see which sources do NOT have coding under a certain node? I'm sure I must be doing something wrong as it's a pretty simple query. Any help appreciated.
  7. Just curious - has the ability to edit datasets been added to NVivo 10? That is a critical missing feature for me with NVivo9. Thanks
  8. ***UPDATE*** Please refer to the FAQ for instructions on how to resolve this error: http://www.qsrinternational.com/support_faqs_detail.aspx?view=1362 I've just started using NVivo 9 and it worked perfectly the first couple of times. Then yesterday I tried to open my project and got the error notice above, with the following: Database component did not initialize. I read the posts for similar errors and found a solution for NVivo 8, which involved resetting some SQL server files. That actually worked - got my projects open yesterday. But today I'm getting the same message - and no projects will open. Has someone found a better solution? I don't want to have to keep fiddling with those SQL files every day! (Not sure if it matters but I still have NVivo 8 on my system - which I was going to delete but now realize I may need!) Any thoughts on solving this?
  9. shiphra

    NVivo 8 Crashing

    Hi - I've had the same (extremely frustrating!) problem recently and everything I tried in the help files didn't solve it - just kept crashing, over and over - but I think I found a solution. I tried playing with the sample project that comes with NVivo8, and everything there worked fine, so I figured it might be a problem within my project. Sounds like your problem project pre-dates NVivo 8, as did mine. So I thought maybe something went wrong when I converted it from NVivo 2. That old project was on a network drive, which I know can cause problems with NVivo. So instead, I copied it (in Nvivo2 version) to my local hard drive. I opened NVivo 8, opened the Nvivo2 project on the hard drive and had it do the conversion there, then saved it as an NVivo8 project. Now it seems to work fine with no more crashes! Not sure if that's your problem, but it seems to have fixed mine - at least for now. And I was lucky that I hadn't done much coding before the problem started, so it didn't take long for me to re-do it. You might be out of luck if you've done a lot on your project since converting it... SG
  10. Hi everyone - I'm wondering if there's a way (in NVivo 8) to find out the order in which codes appear in a document. We have a bunch of interviews that are coded, and we want to know which codes come first-second-third, etc within each interview. If we turn on coding stripes we can manually scan and write them down, but is there a better (more automatic) way to do this? I tried all sorts of reports, etc but none seem to give you the order in which codes appear in the doc. Any advice appreciated!
  11. shiphra

    Scrolling Anomaly

    I've had that same issue, and wish it would be fixed. Also, the fact that when you scroll the coding stripes skip and jump, change colours (and sometimes order) is very distracting. If they could get the stripes to come out in the same order as the coding (e.g., child to parent nodes), that would be VERY helpful. But I"ve had another issue - for some reason, the scrolling doesn't work with my wheel mouse. I've had 2 different ones, and they work in all other programs. Have you had that? Any advice? Thanks!