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  1. I'm still using Nvivo, just exporting it to excel every few hours so that I don't loose my data if summaries start vanishing. I'd be interested to hear there response to your issue.
  2. The Nvivo help documentation seems to indicate that framework summaries will be available in multiple matrices. "Understand how summaries are stored in your NVivo project Summaries are created and viewed within a framework matrix, but each summary is stored separately in your project. If you delete the framework matrix, the summaries you created within the matrix are not deleted. Each summary is associated with the intersection of a row and column node (the case node and the theme node): The summary can appear in more than one framework matrix—the summary will be displayed in any framewor
  3. It appears that NVIVO does not show all of the fonts installed on my computer. However, my interview transcripts used a font that does not seem to be available in NVIVO and this font Displays correctly until I try to change any other settings such a size or formatting when NVIVO automatically changes the font as well. Is there any way to stop this happening or to get NVIVO to recognise all the font installed on my computer. Also, within the framework matrix I can edit the font and size within each cell. Is there a way to select all the cells of a framework matrix and make a global adjustm
  4. Hi Holly I have created my framework matrix yesterday and all the data from my summaries seems to be there. As I had already coded all my data my summaries were initially created using the auto summarise feature from the analyse menu. This took around half an hour on a fast new computer. As I don't want to risk losing anything and only have two weeks to finish the first draft of my analysis for my thesis I'm going to be making regular backups to an excel spreadsheet. It appears fairly easy to export your framework matrix to Excel, all you do is right click anywhere in the framework matrix a
  5. I would also be very keen to know if this is still an issue, and whether Data entered into cells would still be available if making regular backups every hour or so. I'm about to start making a large framework matrix table With 45 themes as columns and 16 cases as rows. Is there anyway to Export the framework matrix table as an excel sheet? Not sure whether to start in in nvivo or to use nvivo to show the content at the intersection of each cell and then type a summary of this in an excel sheet Ewan
  6. I have recently moved from a PC to Mac and have Nvivo 10 running fine on an installation of windows XP pro as a virtual machine through parallels 8. I want to know where the safest place to store my project files is. The my documents folder is shared between windows and Mac OS and would be more convenient as it would make it easier to backup my project files. Alternatively I could create a separate folder on the C drive within the win XP virtual machine, would there be any benefit to doing this? Thanks Ewan
  7. Is it possible to code non continuous blocks of text as 1 unit rather than coding them separately? e.g. I want to code the question I asked in my interview then a later part of the answer without the intervening start of the answer e.g. researcher question...... later part of answer not researcher question (irrelevant first part of answer) later part of answer Thanks
  8. Hi I’m trying to set up an Nvivo project for my thesis and am a little confused about how best to use Nodes, classifications and attributes to do what I want before I import to many interviews and begin coding. I’ve tried to number my issues below. I have semi structured interviews with 1 interview per participant and will end up with around 12 participants. Within the interview I have a few open questions and then the remainder of the questions are based on domains from the Common sense model of self regulation of health and illness CS-SRM. I will be coding the answers to all parts of
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