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  1. Hi Margster, Please send through a request for service and mention whether the project is stored on a network or local drive. Kind regards, Justin
  2. Hi Morten, To change the font settings for the current project you will need to click on the File menu and then click on Project properties then click on the tab text styles. The settings that you had changed were in relation to the application properties. So after changing the settings there you will notice that if a new project is created, these font settings will be the default. Kind regards, Justin
  3. Hi Rochelle and Amy, Updating to the latest Service Pack is recommended as there has been a number of improvements with each release including those which are performance related. If the problems remains please send through a request for service, your project will not be needed to be sent through at this stage. Kind regards, Justin
  4. Hello All, For autocoding to work you do need to use the default heading styles though you are able to modify the look of those headings should you need to and it will still recognise them. It does not however recognise heading styles that you create yourself. This topic is also referenced in post: http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?showtopic=1598 Kind regards, QSR Support
  5. Dear chienni, I would recommend for you that if you are still experiencing issues with your auto coding that you contact us at support at support@qsrinternational.com (if not already done so) so we can deal with you directly to promptly resolve your issue. Kind regards, QSR Support Team
  6. Hi Jen, Thank you for your suggestion, There has been three seperate FAQs listed within the website with the key features for each Service Pack, because the main feature of Service Pack 4 was to allow NVivo 7 to be compatible on the Windows Vista operating system an FAQ was not listed, but we do have a link on the home page on working with NVivo 7 on Vista. The location of the Service Pack 4 readme file is C:\Program Files\QSR\NVivo 7\Documentation. A reason why you may not of been able to find the file is that the file is a html document, and you were searching for a text file. Please contact QSR support if you require any further details by sending through a request for service. Kind regards, Justin
  7. Hi David, This particular error message indicates that your initial download of Service Pack 4 was corrupted or didn't complete properly. So try downloading the Service Pack again, if you continue to receive the same error please lodge a request for service http://www.qsrinternational.com/RequestFor...ForService1.asp and include your shipping details so that the file can be sent out to you via cd. Kind regards, Justin
  8. Hi Pauline, Within NVivo 2 you are able to export just the document as a rich text file by right clicking on the document and then clicking make text report then click on file and save as, to export all the coding of that corresponding document as a rich text file, by right clicking on the document and then clicking make coding report, then choose all nodes. Alternatively you can print the document with the coding stripes displayed by clicking on the view tab and then coding stripes. You may wish to look into purchasing the Merge for NVivo software as this will allow multiple users to work on seperate copies of the same project and then be able to merge these projects together. Further information about this product can be found using the following link NVivo 2 product page Also, if you decide to upgrade your copy of NVivo 2 to NVivo 7, then you will be able to use the NVivo 7 inbuilt merge function, and so you would not be required to purchase another seperate program. Kind regards, Justin
  9. Dear ucfumfr, If you are experiencing the SQL error above, I would recommend that you follow the above listed steps to resolve. If this has any unexpected results, and also, to dicuss your other queries, please come in to us at support@qsrinternational.com to allow us to investigate with you directly. Kind regards, Matthew
  10. Dear psych, I have checked our system and can confirm we received your emails, and as per our standard procedure, we responded to this next business day. I am guessing you did not receive this reponse due to a block or Spam filter at your end. I will attempt to re-send this response again to you via another account. I can assure you that NVivo 7 did not change your date & time settings, however this was the reason why you have experienced the error. In the email previously sent to you, a resolution to this is included. We certainly do not want trials to go any faster than 30 days. Please enjoy the rest of your evaluation period of our software. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us through our support form Kind regards, Matthew
  11. Hello all, The issue above (SQL Error 2259) we have identified to be a conflict between Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition & Microsoft's SQL Express Service Pack 2, hence why it is not just QSR users getting this error. However, for NVivo 7, we can offer a work around this issue. From Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs: 1. Uninstall Nvivo7 2. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server 2005 3. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer 4. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files – if still exist. 5. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 6. Install full version of Nvivo7 Service Pack 4 from this link: http://download.qsrinternational.com/Softw...7/NVivo%207.exe Please come into our support team directly at support@qsrinternational.com if you need any further assistance or have any further queries. Kind Regards, Matthew
  12. Dear purpleronney, Thanks for your post. Due to the nature of this issue potentially being specific to your machine and/or environment, I would advise you to come into us at: http://www.qsrinternational.com/support/he...sk/helpdesk.htm And log a support request, including information on your operating system version, what version you are upgrading from, and other updates you have performed to NVivo 7 over time. This will allow us to work with you individually to see if it is a singluar issue, or something that needs to be posted here as a general announcement on this issue. I look forward to your support request, Matthew
  13. Dear Jaleh, As long as you have content correctly coded at the cases in your project, you can use matrix coding queries to gather statistics about your cases. For example, make sure Mary’s interview transcript has been coded at the case ‘Mary’. Note: Depending on how you have coded your sources, you may receive unexpected query results. For example, cases without coding are not counted and any coding ‘mistakes’ can skew the results. I would recommend that you use another couple of potential methods to find this information: Querying Cases and Attributes You can gather statistical information about cases (example - "how many cases are male and aged 20-29?") using any of the following NVivo tools:  Advanced Find  Export Casebook to Excel Advanced Find You can use Advanced Find to find cases based on their attributes. For example, in the Volunteering sample project, you could find (and get a count for) all cases who are male aged 20-29. Note: You cannot use Advanced Find to gather cases with combined attributes—for example cases who are male AND 20-29. To use Advanced Find: 1. On the Tools menu, click Find > Advanced Find 2. Click the Advanced tab. 3. Select Cases from the Look for drop down list. 4. From the Interaction list, select gender. 5. From the Value list, select male. 6. Click the Add to List button. 7. From the Interaction list, select age. 8. From the Value list, select 20-29. 9. Click the Add to List button. 10. Click the Run button. All the cases who are male aged 20-29 are listed Exporting the Casebook to Excel You can export your casebook to excel and use the PivotTable functionality to create the required spreadsheets and charts: To export the casebook: 1. On the Tools menu, click Casebook. 2. Click Export Casebook. 3. If required, click the Browse button to change the location for the exported .txt file. 4. Click OK. 5. Open the exported file in Excel. Refer to the Excel online help for information about working with PivotTables. Kind regards, Matthew
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