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  1. Hi, how to show the quantity of the relation between items in the project maps? 

    THere is nonsense that if a file is coded with a code 3 time and another file is coded with that code 200 times in the maps there is not such  clue. The connectors should show the these numbers or one connector must be thicker when there is a stronger relation between items etc. 

    This is a basic feature and other similar software support it since many years now!!

    1. bikendin


      Does NVivo support this feature???

    2. QSRSupport



      At this stage, I am sorry to inform you that NVivo doesn't have this feature. 

      We use an easy and user-friendly online tool called Canny to gather all our customer feedback. May I request that you click on the following link https://nvivo.canny.io/ and share your feature suggestion here by creating a post? You can also vote on posts created by other users. When you post or vote on a feature, you will start receiving notification via Canny on the planned/in progress/completed actions.

      Kind Regards,


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