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  1. Hi lew, Are you creating a case for the PDFs during import? If so, NVivo does automatically create some references as part of this process with a PDF file. One reference is created for the file and additionally one for each page in the file, so a 15 page PDF will show as having 16 references. I hope this helps. ^NVivoSup
  2. Hi Georgios, As a Support consultant, my expertise lies in assisting our customers with issues that are of a technical nature. I am able to <<Replace ‘I was’ with ‘We were’ if you are doing someone else’s followup>> assist you with questions relating to ‘how to’ use certain functions in NVivo, however the assistance you require at present is beyond my <<replace ‘my’ with ‘our’ >> expertise. This is the reason for suggesting our Training and Consultancy team in this instance. You can view upcoming classroom and NVivo Academy workshops here: http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/nvivo-training You can also connect with NVivo certified platinum trainers who can provide you with advice on working with your own projects including: · Project setup · Efficient and analytically powerful approaches to coding, in light of your research methods and questions · Making the most of key tools in NVivo, specifically for your project. Note, NVivo certified platinum trainers may charge you for providing their service. Regards, NVivoSup
  3. Hello, In order to progress with your case, it would be helpful for us to be able to reproduce the issue. To enable us to do this we require from you the steps you perform when you experience the issue. You can provide this information by recording the issue as it appears on your machine. For recordings we use a software called Screencast-O-Matic which is free for you to use. The instructions below explain how you can make the recording. If the issue does not appear in your recording, it is recommended that you try to reproduce the problem again. Download the screen recording software from the following link: http://screencast-o-matic.com/getappdownload Install the software on your computer. Launch screencast-o-matic and choose use FREE recorder Drag and resize the recording area to fit your screen. Click the Rec button, open NVivo and try to reproduce the problem in NVivo. To stop recording, click the pause button that appears in the menu bar, then select done. From the menu, chose save as Video file Select Filename: and rename the file to 2011-07-26 John Smith XXXX Select Folder, and choose a location to save the video file. Click Publish. Once you have finished recording, please submit a support request form using the link: https://bit.ly/2PshbKN and let us know, we will send you an email with the file sharing agreement and a link where you can upload the file. ^NVivoSup
  4. Hi Martin, To investigate the issue, can you please tell me if you are receiving any error messages? If yes, please submit a support request from the link: https://bit.ly/39YFfyp and send me screenshot of the error message when NVivo crashes by pressing Shift-Command (⌘)-3 to take a screenshot. A .png file with the date and time stamp on your desktop will be created. Attach the .png file to your support request. Also, please send me the NVivo error logs by following the steps below: NVivo for Mac error logs are named like ‘log-XXXXXX.txt’ and are usually present in the NVivo folder located in your Library folder. Refer to the instructions below to find NVivo error logs on your Mac. 1. Open Finder 2. Hold down the Option key 3. Choose Go > Library. 4. Go to Logs folder > NVivo folder (or NVivo 12 folder if using NVivo 12) and look for files named log-XXXXX.txt ^NVivoSup
  5. Hi Ashley, To investigate the issue, we will need access tot he file so that we can try and replicate the issue. Can you please send us the file? If yes, please submit a support request form using the link: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/contact-us/get-in-touch/technical-support Also, please attach the file that you are facing issues with. ^NVivoSup
  6. Hi Giskin, You should be able to run coding comparison query by following the steps in the link below: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/queries/coding-comparison-query.htm I hope this helps. ^AK
  7. Hi kmariem1, Can you try searching for the project file in Finder? NVivo project files (.nvpx extension) are external to the application. If you can find the file in Finder, try to copy the file to the Documents folder. Open the file in NVivo-Mac by clicking File > Open Project, browsing to the Documents folder, and then selecting the .nvpx file. Regards, ^BM
  8. Hi awsoci, Can you try saving your Excel file in Excel 97-2003 format using the Save As option? NVivo supports files from Excel 97 or later. If that does not resolve the issue, please submit a support request here so that we can investigate the issue further: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center/individual-student-license Regards, ^BM
  9. Hi Cooper, Thank you for your patience. You can first take a back up of your project and then delete the original fg cases form your project. Regards, AK
  10. Hi, Due to unprecedented number of support requests, we are experiencing extended delays in responding to our customers. We apologise for the inconvenience! We've responded to your support request via email. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  11. Hi, We are currently experiencing issues with our NCapture extension on Chrome and hence, it is no longer available on the web store. Our technical team is working on resolving the issue & they will try to fix this sooner. Thanks for your co-operation. Regards, Bhupesh
  12. Hi Tommy, I have raised this issue with our development team for investigation. We were able to reproduce the same error you are seeing and it appears to be caused by the advanced search keyword options as some other options such as word OR word instead of (word OR word) did capture, however this will provide different results in the search. One possible workaround you could try is to run and capture the search without keywords, import the capture into NVivo and then export as an Excel file. This file can then be filtered in Excel before reimporting into NVivo as a dataset. Please note that while this has been raised with our dev team, at this stage I am unable to provide any confirmation on when this issue will be resolved. I hope this helps, ^NVivoSup
  13. Hi Inku, Can you please send us a support request via the link below so that we can assist with the file recovery. https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center/individual-student-license Regards, ^NVivoSup
  14. Hi nonie, Can you please log a support request via the link below and include a link to the Facebook page you are trying to capture so we can investigate. https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center/individual-student-license Regards, ^NVivoSup
  15. Hi portmoon, You can generate a Coding Summary by Code Report which shows the coding done on references, grouped by Nodes. Please see the following link for a guide on how to run the report: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.90-d3ea61/Content/projects-teamwork/run-reports.htm Regards, ^BM
  16. Hi, To add users to Collaboration Cloud, could you please follow the steps below: Log in to the myNVivo portal (portal.mynvivo.com) with the account that was used to purchase Collaboration Cloud. Click on the Account icon on the upper right section of the screen, and select Purchases. Click on the Options icon (triple colon) in the NVivo - Collaboration Cloud group and click Manage License. Click on Assign User and enter the user details. Click on Add User. In NVivo, please log off Collaboration Cloud, exit NVivo, and then log in again to Collaboration Cloud with the account that was used to purchase Collaboration Cloud. You should be then able to select users. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  17. Hi JDO, When working with projects in cloud storage, we generally recommend not working directly from cloud location, instead users should have a local copy and it is recommended you temporarily pause cloud synching while working on the project. To give some background, when you save a NVivo project file, many of these services immediately try to synchronise these changes to the project file which is stored in the cloud. However, they may not be able to access the project file because NVivo has exclusive access to the file while the project is open in NVivo. This can cause problems and occasionally NVivo may crash or lose data. Regards, ^NVivoSup
  18. Hi Tabitha, Can you submit a support request via https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center/individual-student-license so that we can investigate your damaged project and try to recover it? Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  19. Hi James, It wouldn't be possible to show memo text in reports. It is also not possible to sort coded data from memos to bring it in front. Instead of writing information about nodes in memos, you could use the Description field. Description can be added by right clicking on the node, click Node Properties and typing in Description field. You can then generate a report with node name, node description and coded text. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  20. Hi, To investigate the issue, can you please tell me the phrase you are searching for in your project? Also, please check if any words from the phrase you are searching are not included in the Stop Words list. Please see the link for more information: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.90-d3ea61/Content/queries/text-content-language-and-stop-words.htm#View,addorremovestopwords Thanks, Akshay
  21. Hi, You'll need to open one node at time, go to Reference View, select all the reference and code them to a new node. The new node will show coding reference without double counting multiple users. Another workaround is to run a Matrix Coding query between Nodes and Sources as the query doesn't count double-coding by different users. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  22. Hi Gunhild, You can export the document with associated coding and nodes to a new project(you'll need to manually select the document and associated nodes). Refer to the link below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/export_selected_items_to_a_new_project.htm Then merge this new project with original project. http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_items_from_another_nvivo_project.htm I hope this helps. Regards, Bhupesh
  23. Hi Alex, If you have cases in your project and each case contains all data for all questions for this particular case, you can try to run a Matrix Coding query with Cases as rows and the Codes as columns. This will give you a separate row for each Case and the Code, you will be able to see for each case, how the data is coded at each Code (A,B). Regards, Akshay
  24. Hi Di Feng, The Group Query doesn't calculate the common coding references, it finds out the common items. Whereas the compound query can be used to find common coding references using AND criteria. This is the reason results are different. For example, if you code the first paragraph from a source to Node A and second paragraph from the same source to Node B, the Group Query will show 1 reference each. On the other hand, Compound Query will result 0 references because there isn't any common text which has been coded to both nodes. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  25. Hi BMY, Please refer to "Merge or Copy Classifications" section in the link below for instructions on merging classifications in NVivo: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.90-d3ea61/Content/classifications/manage-classifications.htm Kind Regards, Bhupesh
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