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  1. Hi I have been using Nvivo for a short period of time. I have survey data which I have coded it with Nvivo. However, I have got bid of problem when calculating percentages. I will try to explain it as detailed as possible below. 1) I have got survey, which involved 237 children from various schools. 2) In every question I have got different response rates. 92 children responded to the question in the example I am going to use to present problem. 3) 26 out of 92 children gave irrelevant answers. Therefore, 66 children gave code-able answers. 4) I have coded the answers from those 66 ch
  2. Hi everybody, I have had few problems with Nvivo. One of them was discussed with QSR support via email and file send them to investigate. I have an other problem I hope you help to sort it out. I use my Nvivo 10 on mac OS via Parallels 8. I disable windows internet access because as Mac OS and Win Os share same computers internet adaptor, internet speed reduces dramatically. The best way is disable Win Os internet access. However, when I disable Window internet access Nvivo 10 does not open. It brings me up the activation screen and it requires re activation, although I have more than
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