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  1. My license expires soon. My question is whether I will still have access to my existing projects after the license expires? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed already. I am currently using NVivo on a laptop and it is my understanding that all the files are being saved to my laptop's hard drive. I would like set it up so that I can save my files on a cloud based storage system...in the event that something happens to my laptop (scary thought!!). I need advice on how to do this..what cloud based storage system to use etc. Any input is much appreciated! Thanks! Shireen
  3. Hello Richard, That makes so much sense! I appreciate your response. Thanks, Shireen
  4. I have been coding audio sources to an existing node. When I access the node, and try to play the segment back for any of the references, it does not play back just the coded segment; it continues to play the audio file past the coded portion. What is the correct process for coding so that it plays only the coded portion? Here are the steps I currently follow: - Listen to the audio file until I have a codable segment. Hit "pause" or "stop" - Drag my mouse to select codable segment. - Go to "Analyze", "Code Source at", "Existing node"....select node; hit Okay. Then, to play the coded segment, I go to the node, select the source from the summary tab or the audio tab. - Go to "View", "Highlight", "Coding for all nodes" and "Coding stripes", "All node coding"....it highlights the entire recording and plays past the coded portion. Please advise! Thank you.
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