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  1. Thank you! I have another question: Is there also any way to broaden what text I see in the results of my text search query? For example, I would like to see the surrounding paragraph to the phrase I am searching for. I have tried using the "~", but this doesn't seem to work. My problem with the results I see is that they are just the text search query phrase, and I would like some context, like being able to see the preceding and following 100 words.
  2. Is there a way in which to search for multiple phrases in a single text query?
  3. I have NVIVO version 10, and have just confirmed that I am up to date on the current updates released through the website. I am having a difficult time analyzing my data: I would like to be able to have NVIVO quantify/rank common nodes found when I query for multiple nodes by attribute (For example, looking at participants' responses to several similar questions, seperatly among Black participants and among White participants). I am watching the Tutorial: Exploring your coding. In the video (Screenshot attached), and they refer you to the 'Query wizard' button. I don't have this button in my v
  4. When I select an individual Interview in the People source folder, and go to properties and try to select a classification (people), there are no classifications listed. When I go over to Node Classifications, however, Person is there, along with all the attributes (Race, age,etc.). To give more background about my file: In the Node tab there is a People subfolder, with the same titles (of interviews) as in the Source tab. In Source tab, there is a People folder, with each interview titled the same in the Node tab. However, all the Participants located in the People folder have 0 sources and
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