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  1. Hi QSR Support: I'm back with the same issue again. I didn't resolve my issue before, but instead chose to not move and re-organize my audio files. Now, my original computer died and so I am working in my NVivo project on a new computer - thus, the file path to the linked interviews cannot be the same, and my NVivo file will not recognize the audio files that were the original linked files (they are still on Google drive). Since I did a lot of transcription in NVivo - it is really imperative that I can relink the files because I need the audio to be linked to my transcripts. I tried moving the audio into a non-google drive folder (documents), but NVivo continues to say "Cannot change to linked media. The media file duration does not match the original linked file duration." This isn't true, because it is the same file. I have attached a screenshot, if it is helpful. Because I have nearly 50 transcripts and files, it would be a lot of excess time and energy to export the transcript, format it so it can import back into NVivo, re-import the file, and then re-import the transcript for all of them. Please help me relink my audio files! Thank you. Jackenstein
  2. Thank you Heather. I appreciate the work around ideas and that you raised the issue with the technical team.
  3. Thank you Heather - I have not edited the transcripts since I created the cases. I created the cases at the end, after completing all of the transcription. I've checked several interviews and they all show up like this, out of order. Any ideas about why this is happening? Here's a clue I found that might provide more information: I checked out the sample file and played around with the Helen interview and transcript. When I query the Helen case node, the results show up in the correct order. BUT, when I import a new copy of the helen interview and create test transcript rows, numbered 1-4 in increasing time order, then code that interview to a new case, then query THAT case, the results show up in backwards order. I also tried creating the case node first, then importing the interview, then creating the transcript rows... and that case query (see screenshot) shows up in 3-2-1-4 order. Any thoughts on what is going on here?? I appreciate your suggestion of manually adding timestamps to each transcript row, but that's pretty impractical for me right now as I have hundreds of rows of transcribed data at this point. Thanks again for your help!
  4. I've transcribed interview data in NVivo and have coded each of the interviews (by right clicking on the source) at case nodes (2 interviews per case). I want to be able to do my coding by looking at all the data for each case, so I run a quick query for a case (by double-clicking on the case node). When the results come up, they are totally out of order, and because they don't show the time stamps themselves, I can't tell which thoughts come immediately after others, which makes it hard to read through and make sense of. See attached screenshot as example. Reference 2 is literally the last entry in the transcript and Reference 3 is the second to last.. but it's not in completely reverse order, because if I go to the end of the results for this source, it's just a random transcript entry. Can you help me figure out how to get query results that show transcript entries in the correct time order?
  5. Hello - I'd like to add my vote to adding the ability to annotate in transcripts, please. Thanks!
  6. Hi Andrew - Yes - every file that I moved, I was unable to re-link. The audio files were all initially in a google drive folder (the kind that is also on my hard drive), then I created a subfolder inside that folder and moved the audio files into that folder. Just in case it helps to make it more clear: I had a folder called "interviews" where I was storing my audio files. Then, within "interviews" I created a subfolder called "recordings" (so I could also create another subfolder with "interview data") and moved the audio files there. That's where they would not re-link and kept saying the files were a different duration. Just as another note, I know that NVivo project files don't work well in network folders, so my project file is on my hard drive, not in a google drive folder. Thanks again!
  7. Hi Andrew - It was originally an NVivo for Mac project. Thanks for continuing to investigate!
  8. Thanks for your response, Andrew - Yes, that does work. it's not ideal -- because I've pulled audio files from multiple places when I was first bringing them into my NVivo project file and my recent creation of the new folder was allowing me to consolidate all of my interview recordings. It took some serious sleuthing and lots of moving files around, because I couldn't remember the original file location -- but for now, it works.
  9. Hello! I am having the exact same two issues as csarge and I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to address them. #2 in particular is making my work very difficult because, like csarge, I had started transcribing my audios, then after I moved the MP3 files to a subfolder to reorganize my files, NVivo needs to relink to them (understandable) HOWEVER I get that same error csarge reported - even when I direct Nvivo to the exact same audio file in the new folder, it claims that "The media file duration does not match the original linked file duration." Impossible - they are the same files.This is maddening because I just want to finish my transcriptions and now Nvivo will no longer recognize the exact same files in a new location. I've even tried the workaround of converting the files to M4A and exporting the transcript (so I can re-import and re-link it), but NVivo cannot read it's own exported transcript format, so I will have to reformat these exported transcripts if I want to relink them, when all I really want to do is continue to transcribe! Please Help!
  10. I'm working in my results window, in the reference view, and have a large set of results and therefore 3 sections. I'm now in section 3 and have several pieces of annotated text. However, when I turn on "annotations" on the view tab, it only shows the annotations from section 1, not section 3, which is the section I'm currently coding in. I know I can go back to the source, but that defies the point of the results window and I would like to be able to view the appropriate annotations here, in the results window. How do I do this? Thanks! Jackie
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