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  1. Hi Matthew, Thanks for the advise on fixing the problem. I gave up trying to sort it initially as i was having lots of other problems that were associated with my laptop. In addition, since the NVivo licence that i had was an educational one through the University, your initial suggestion of contacting the IT team at work was dead in the water, as personally purchased equipment used for work purposes are not supported by the IT team! Only software on equipment purchased and owned by the University. When i encountered the same problem installing NVivo 7 onto my partners machine i suspected that it may have been a Windows XP home edition problem. Will try your suggestions now on both my laptop and my partners' machine and hopefully all will be well in my Nvivo 7 world Thanks again, Elaine
  2. Hi, Last month i installed the SP3 without any difficulties, but today, as i've been trying to install SP4 I am experiencing many problems. Firstly, i got the message: The SQL server 205 setup was unable to install on your computer Then the message: Installer error code 2259 Database: Tables Update failed and error 1627 Having looked at the forum, i've disabled the firewall and tried again....no cigar! I've restarted and tried again, with the same result. Is this a SP4 problem, or a problem my pc? I'm keen to have the latest service pack installed as i'm about to embark on a large chunk of analysis of mixed methods combining 166 interviews, 83 sets of field notes, 83 surveys and 83 rating scales. I'd rather have the increased capabilities from the service pack before getting stuck in. Please help????? Thanks, NVivo 7 fan!