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  1. Just got the installation disk in the mail. I put it in the disk drive. Nothing happens on either of two disk drives. I can't see the contents of the installation disk in Explorer. I'm using XP SP3.
  2. David, I am training students on N8 and am contemplating learning to use N9. It would be nice to be able to run both programs on the same computer. Thanks. Gil
  3. It would be nice to see a public response as many of us deal with similar questions.
  4. Is it possible to run both N8 and N9 on the same computer? Thanks.
  5. How do you make bubble charts in Nvivo 8?
  6. It would be nice if the user could have the option of declining all the headers and extra bits of information that come along with coding reports in order to get the text, and only the text, that is coded at a node.
  7. It would be nice if the user could add a list of stop words when conducting word frequency queries.
  8. Hi Mark, Double Hockey Sticks if I can find the log, but now all is good (which is to say entering attributes is now smooth sailing). Ghost in the machine? At any rate, thank you for your reply. Gil
  9. I'm in Casebook attempting to select a new attribute value that I have just entered. The value appears in the drop down screen. I select it and get the following message: Unable to update the data value: Object reference not set to an instance of object Any clues as to what is going on here? Thanks.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to do a couple of things I used to do in Nvivo 2 in N8: 1) In N2 you could use the "Show Tool" to list all documents coded at a specific node. Is there a way to do this in N8? 2) Also, is there an equivalent to the N2 "Assay Tool" in N8? Thanks.
  11. I have a set that represents a sub-group of all the sources (documents) I have in an Nvivo 8 project. Is there any way to make this set into an internal folder within sources, or do I have to go into sources and create it from the ground up? Also, is there a way to use this set to generate a casebook that only includes information on the items in that set? Thanks.
  12. Is there anyway to reinstall the volunteers tutorial in Nvivo 8 (without doing a full reinstall) once you have deleted it? Thanks.
  13. Yes, it would be quite helpful to post the solution to the memory leak problem to the forum rather than have each of us email the help desk one at a time.
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