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  1. I would suggest that putting the release notes on the web would make it easier for your clients to decide whether they want to update. I have already updated but am curious to see whether the update addressed my biggest issues with the software. I did a search of my computer after the install but none of the readme.txt files I found seemed to be associated with nVivo. Thank you, Jen
  2. I bought a recorder that included that software, but I wouldn't recommend trying to transcribe interviews with Dragon. It is very time-intensive to train the software for one voice, and it is very sensitive to inflection, etc. But the transcription software that comes with the Sony recorder is very good. You can stop/start the tape with F10/F11, which means you never have to pick your fingers up off the keyboard. I found transcribing with those to go as quickly as with a foot pedal -- and it's a lot easier to hear a digital recorder with clarity than a tape. Next time I will probably pay someone else to transcribe, but I'm a grad student and it did make me very familiar with my data.
  3. Daniel, Do you know if there is a fix in the works for this?