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  1. I am currently running matrix queries and would like to be able to save the results in a format that is easy to share with my team (many of whom do not have NVivo). Additionally, I'd like the saved results to have the coding stripes so it's easy for my teammates to see the overlap/intersection of the codes of interest. Is this possible?
  2. Qualitative Comparative Analysis

    Are there any plans to make NVivo compatible with Qualitative Comparative Analysis in the future?
  3. It's a study of the implementation of PACT (Patient Aligned Care Teams) in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. PACT is known outisde the VA system as PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home).
  4. Thank you, Kath! Your response makes perfect sense and I was able to make the necessary changes to my project. Although it was a bit tedious (as I already have 50 working documents), it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Thank you very much for the link too! -Claire
  5. I've created two different source classificiations: 1) Interviewee characteristics and 2) Interviewer characteristics. Each has several attributes (for example, role, site, etc.). When I right click on a document in NVivo 9.1 (recently converted from 9) and I select 'document properties', I can see my classifications and attribute values. The default on all is 'unassigned'. I choose the interviewee attribute values and then the interviewer attribute values and close the document properties window. When I open the document properties window again, only the interviewer attribute values are there. All of the interviewee attribute values have returned to 'unassigned'. It seems as though whichever attribute values I select last are the ones that save. The ones that I select first are gone. I've tried selecting an attribute value, saving the project, and then selecting the next attribute value... and so on. It doesn't help. Any idea as to why I can't get my attribute values to stick? Thank you! Claire
  6. I have several memos in my NVivo9 project. I was working on two this afternoon and wanted to export them to MS Word for review by my team members. The first exported without issue. The second will not successfully export and I get the following Export Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I have a co-worker who is having the following problem. Note that the individual NVivo license is installed on her machine, but the project 'lives' on our network. NVivo freezes when I try to open a project. If I try to open it from inside NVivo, it goes to the screen with the toolbar but doesn't open the project. If I try to open it by clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, it opens the small intro window, but doesn't go past there. This happens on only some machines; it works on others.
  8. NVivo 8 - Corrupt Project

    Thank you! We were able to investigate our problem further this morning and discovered that another team member was able to open the project on her computer. We're thinking that the file path was corrupt, not the project itself. We were able to make a back-up copy and all team members are now able to open the project. Because we work for the government, there are rules that we must follow - one of which is that we must work off of the network server rather than our C drives, so we may continue to encounter this problem. If nothing else, it was a good reminder to all of us to make frequent back-ups of our project! -Claire
  9. My team is working on a project in NVivo 8 that is saved on a network server. Today, when trying to open the project, I'm getting the following message, "The project XXX could not be opened, and appears to be corrupt. NVivo may have been shut down abnormally when this file was last saved". Any advice? I realize with the time difference and the US holiday on Monday, we may not get a chance to delve into this until Tuesday. Thank you! -Claire
  10. Adding a model to a case

    A quick, clear response. Thanks!
  11. Thank you, Kristi, for your prompt response! -Claire
  12. Is it possible to copy a model from one NVivo project to another? Both Project A and Project B are existing/established projects. Thanks!
  13. Is it possible to add a model to a case? If so, what are the steps? Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for a quick way to copy the coding in a child code to a parent code without manually double coding. The end result would be double coding, but without having to manually go back and code everything to the parent code. I seem to remember that there was an 'easy' way to drag the child code to the parent code and have the coding follow. Is that right? I don't want to lose the child code or its coding. I just want to have the same text coded to the parent code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Claire
  15. Number lines in a document

    Is it possible to put your source document in Mircosoft Word, add line numbers, make a .pdf, and then import the .pdf into NVivo? That might be one way to keep your original line numbers (you can also get NVivo to give you it's own paragraph numbers). -Claire