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  1. Hi Everyone A simple question: I'm creating/running a project in NVivo using a site license provided by my university. Now, what happens once I leave the university and the license expires? Does it mean I will not be able even to open & view the project unless I buy an individual license? Or is there some sort of a viewer that would still allow me to at least view the project? Thanks!
  2. maga.kijak

    NVivo 7 and NVivo 8

    Many thanks! I was just hoping that perhaps there's "a way"... Btw, your book "qda with nvivo" is brilliant I keep recommending it to others!
  3. maga.kijak

    NVivo 7 and NVivo 8

    I'm not sure what you mean, sorry. The problem is that I moved on with my project quite a bit since I switched to NVivo8 so if I just go back to my last NVivo7 backup I will lose the new stuff... What I'm after is somehow being able to go back to using NVivo7 but bring with me the elements I created/modified/developed in NVivo8... Thanks!
  4. Hi! I've recently started using NVivo 8 for a project that was originally created in NVivo 7. Unfortunately I've discovered that NVivo 8 seems to be much less "stable" on my laptop, i.e. it freezes and crashes much more often... Is there ANY way of going back to NVivo 7 with what I've got in NVivo 8??? (no audio/video and I'm happy to give up pdfs...) I know that one cant simply open the newer version in the older one but perhaps there's some other way? Will be grateful for any suggestions...
  5. I've been working a lot with NVivo 7 this week and I've noticed that even though I press the "save" button after every significant action (and also reply "yes" to the autosaving message) when NVivo7 crashes - which has been happening a lot while I was trying to import and edit sources - I seem to lose everything since the last time the project was "closed". It seems as if the "save" button wasnt really saving anything... Am I doing something wrong or is it something that happens to others as well? I will be grateful for any suggestions.
  6. maga.kijak

    NVIVO8 Crashes Inserting PDF and Photos

    I also wanted to start using NVivo 8 to be able to code PDFs but it either keeps crashing, or the PDFs end up with lots of symbols inside them, figures/tables disappear or become all messed up etc etc etc... Very disappointing with the results so far I'm afraid...
  7. I think the answer is "no" but I thought I'd just check with you: neither NVivo 8 nor 7 is able to import MsWord 2007 documents, is it? Thanks.