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    Thanks Can! This is great information to help NVivo users interview data with classifications. Stacy
  1. The past year has challenged all of us in many ways. We have had to adapt to extended periods of minimal social contact, of working from home, of having to change plans, of home-schooling children, and of learning new digital tools to support teaching and research. We have had to be resilient and creative. This conference is about tapping into that creativity and looking at ways we can transcend boundaries in qualitative research. We are interpreting transcending boundaries in its widest sense - transcending disciplines, methods, and cultures. The focus of the call for papers should be on meth
  2. until
    Join research methodologist Dr. Veronica Richard as she shares important tips for working with qualitative data. Veronica will help you understand important steps in qualitative data analysis so you can write about your findings in cogent ways. Planning for writing early in the data analysis process will help you stay organized and convey your findings with clarity. This highly instructive webinar helps you create and implement a plan for your qualitative data analysis and write up. For the digital tools’ demonstration, we will show how Citavi organizes your writing tasks and outline and how N
  3. until
    Managing a team of researchers requires a particular set of skills. In this webinar panel, experienced researchers tackle the most pressing aspects of managing an effective research team. Drs. Jessica Parker, Lydia Manning, and Veronica Richard, dialogue and instruct researchers on how to build a research team, establish authorship roles and responsibilities, develop communication standards, and more. Whether you are new to the role or have been managing research teams for years, this expert panel will help you hone your management skills and successfully lead a research team. For the digital
  4. until
    This webinar focuses on the art of scholarly revision. Revision is a normal part of the scholarly writing process. As scholarly writers, we can learn to step back and “re-see” our writing. In this highly practical webinar, Dr. Jessica Parker teaches research writers how to approach revision in ways that make the process less daunting and more doable. Learn how to move from draft to polished product using Dr. Parker’s revision process. For the digital tools’ demonstration, we will show how Citavi organizes your draft with the revision process and how NVivo helps your organize your categories fo
  5. until
    As a scholar, you have the opportunity to make unique contributions to the discourse around topics that matter to you. To do so, you need to grow your scholarly voice. In this interactive webinar, dissertation coach Dr. Desi Richter teaches you how to write in ways that help your voice be heard. Learn how to make claims that are backed by evidence. Discover the power of paraphrasing, and finally, learn how to synthesize (not just summarize) literature that you review. Desi will both model and provide opportunities to practice these three scholarly writing skills. For the digital tools’ demonst
  6. Hi Alf, Thanks for your post. I will share this with our NVivo Product Manager.
  7. HI Ken, I will need to have support help you . I will send them this discussion thread.
  8. Hi Chira, I know people do longitudinal studies with NVivo. One way to fine some examples would be to use a database like Scopus and look up NVivo and longitudinal study. I will ask some of our trainers to also help. Thanks
  9. Hi Wendy, You purchase a license. NVivo software is not in the cloud you have to install it on your computer. Hope this helps
  10. Hi Ken, so the video file is the same as you uploaded before? This is not too technical but did you try closing NVivo and NVivo Transcription and starting again?
  11. Hi Ariane, sorry no. Could you send a screen shot picture of what is happening?
  12. Hi Cosette, You can import your Excel survey results right into NVivo with the survey wizard it will create cases for each respondent and attach case classifications and attributes to each respondent based on the closed ended questions in the survey. The open ended questions will come in as codes. You want your respondents in the first column of the survey that makes it easier to import into NVivo. Here is a link to the help menuhttps://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/files/datasets.htm?Highlight=survey
  13. Hi Sandra, You need to make a copy of your project and upload it to a share drive or save to a thumb drive. And then copy it to your other computer. I would recommend using one operating system with NVivo. So if you are using your Mac, you would use the Parallel software you have to open the NVivo Project in the Windows environment. You don't have to purchase two licenses if you purchase NVivo for Windows you can use install it on your Windows and Mac Computers.
  14. Hello PTaylor, I just tried this myself. It looks like you can only have multiple colors for the hierarchy chart that shows all the the parent and child nodes. When you click on a parent node the only option is to have one color for all the child nodes.
  15. Hi Joy, I will contact the training team and let them know this is urgent. Thanks
  16. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Watch this video to learn how NVivo Transcription can be used with NVivo
  17. Hello Jin and Aditya, I will need to ask support. Since YouTube and other providers change their settings NVivo might not be able to do everything you are requesting but we will make sure.
  18. Hello, I will make sure to share your questions with support. Thanks
  19. Thanks for sharing. I will need my support team to help you with this. I will notify them.
  20. Hi Tacska, I would try a matrix coding query to compare the two documents https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/queries/matrix-coding-query.htm
  21. ok I am running out of ideas. I will see if one of our NVivo experts can help you. Thanks
  22. Hello I believe you can do this but I need to ask some experts, will be back
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