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  1. Hi Cosette, You can import your Excel survey results right into NVivo with the survey wizard it will create cases for each respondent and attach case classifications and attributes to each respondent based on the closed ended questions in the survey. The open ended questions will come in as codes. You want your respondents in the first column of the survey that makes it easier to import into NVivo. Here is a link to the help menuhttps://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/files/datasets.htm?Highlight=survey

  2. Hi Sandra, You need to make a copy of your project and upload it to a share drive or save to a thumb drive. And then copy it to your other computer. I would recommend using one operating system with NVivo. So if you are using your Mac, you would use the Parallel software you have to open the NVivo Project in the Windows environment. You don't have to purchase two licenses if you purchase NVivo for Windows you can use install it on your Windows and Mac Computers.

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