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  1. Here is a short video I created for a customer recently, showing them how the NVivo Transcription Module works with NVivo. I use NVivo Transcription myself and find it works very well. I have to add speakers and edit some words but it saves me a ton of time.

    Check the video out and let me know what you think.


  2. Hello SSL, If you have NVivo 12 Plus for Windows or the latest version of NVivo (Release 1) Windows, you can create a Framework Matrices and export it to share your coding. You can also create a coding report under reports. Our you could export each code to word and share. To see all coding in an interview, you can open coding stripes and export the interview with coding stripes to word to share.

    Framework Matrices https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/notes/framework-matrices.htm?Highlight=framework matrices

    Code Report https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/projects-teamwork/reports-extracts.htm

    Hope these suggestions help

  3. Recorded interviews are one of the most popular forms of qualitative data. Some researchers consider voice to text automation as a sort of research assistant since a draft of the transcription (linked back to the original audio or video file) is produced. Researchers then analyze the transcribed text. But is that enough?

    Join us as Stacy Penna, Ed.D, NVivo Community Director discusses:

    • Different approaches to transcription
    • Available options for transcribing your data
    • Best practices to make transcription go beyond just words.

    Watch the video NVivo Transcription - Going Beyond the Words

  4. Did you know there are 4 new sample projects that you can use when learning new ways to use NVivo?

    New Sample Projects Include:

    Literature review: Virtual Reality and Health

    Mixed methods: Wellbeing in the Older Women's Network

    Survey: Top High School Alumnae

    Check out this blog about the sample projects The New NVivo Sample Projects Written by Silvana di Gregorio, PhD, QSR Research Director

    Here are links to access the new sample projects in NVivo (release March 2020 only)

  5. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how visualizing your data could enrich your research experience, creating yet another perspective from which to view your data.

    • How to explore our query, chart and modeling capabilities so you can discover visuals created from queries,
    • Create models to visualize your study or explore project items,
    • Generate charts involving nodes, sources, or attributes
    • Utilize cluster analysis to explore word and coding similarities.

    Watch this video Explore and Visualize Your Data - Using NVivo

  6. Here is a link to our technical resource center https://techcenter.qsrinternational.com/desktop/welcome/toc_welcome.htm For an individual license it is per user so putting it in a VPN would not follow license guidelines. For 20-30 users they would need an enterprise license and I would recommend NVivo Collaboration Server an additional product that helps with team collaboration. I would suggest contacting your Account Director, Ann Rose at a.rose@qsrinternational.com to assist you with license options. 

  7. I have created some research clubs to help you connect based on research topics - Mixed Methods, Ethnography, Team Collaboration, Arts-Based Research, Grounded Theory, and Coding. Click on clubs in the blue bar above and join one or suggest a new club. Thanks Stacy

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