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  1. Hi Claire, Thanks for your reply. I've sent you a message about this, as it seems there are further factors complicating the scenario I find myself in relating to this issue, and because it seems that fixing it won't be straightforward. Susan
  2. Have just looked into this issue again. It seems that there are in fact two 'SB' users one 'SB' and one 'S B' - this has happened inadvertently, I don't know how it happened (the SB one looks like a default setting because it is using the name 'Compaq_Owner' which is not something I would have called myself!) and I didn't want 2 users in the project. How can I merge them? And is this the reason for the apparent anomaly I've noticed when coding? Many thanks.
  3. Hi Claire, Thanks for this reply. To further clarify: 1. My project is single-user. I'm not researching as part of a team, and I simply refer to myself by my initials 'SB'. This is the only 'user' I can find in my project file. 2. In order to confirm my suspicions about what the programme was doing on both systems (XP and Vista), when using the same project file, I created another copy of it and renamed it 'trial' and then used this to ensure I was doing exactly the same thing on both computers - and it was producing the anomalous results. The project used ('trial') was thus identical. As I understand it, then, given your statement that "overlapping coding by 1 user (at the same node) will be merged and counted as 1 reference" the example on Vista shows the programme working as it should, and the one on XP - which consistently adds an extra reference - is producing results that are a bit mysterious? I'm still very confused about this issue, and a bit hesitant in proceeding with coding on the two different operating systems. Can this be replicated at all in a test environment, or is it related to issues in my specific internals documents (and perhaps earlier coding done on those)? Many thanks, Susan
  4. Hi, I'm using NVivo8 on Windows XP (desktop) and Vista (laptop). While coding the same project, I've noticed that executing exactly the same procedure on both systems while coding an identical internal document will produce different results: The internal documents are questionnaires, first auto-coded by paragraph style and then further coded. I've just tested this out so that I could post to the forum: Document A has Nodes-25 References-25 On XP, I select some text. Then 'Code selection at existing nodes'. Choose Tree Nodes. Select tick box for 1 parent category and 1 child category. This results in Nodes-26 References-27 (i.e., Nodes+1 and References+2) On Vista, if I do exactly the same thing, the results will be Nodes-26 and References-26 (i.e., Nodes+1 and References+1). The only way to get both systems behaving the same way, is to tick only a child category in XP (and not parent and child as I can in Vista). I really don't understand why Vista and XP produce different results for identical documents using an identical procedure. I'd be grateful if someone could help me to understand why this is happening. Many thanks.