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  1. Hello Darren You raise some interesting points about the need for translated resources to support our Japanese users. As you point out, there is a considerable amount of work required to produce and maintain a comprehensive reference manual. However, it may be possible to produce a translated downloadable PDF guide that is more comprehensive than the Getting Started Guide. We will certainly give this some consideration. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Best regards Sarah
  2. Hello Darren Thank-you for taking the time to post this suggestion on the forum. This is something we can consider for a future release of the software. You might find either of the following books useful: Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo P Bazeley & K Jackson published by Sage 2013 NVivo 10 Essentials B Edhlund & A McDougall published by Form & Kunskap 2012 It is also possible to print entire books (sections) of the Help, rather than individual pages. This might be a work-around for you? You can do this from the Help installed with the software (offline Help). If you normally use the online version of the Help, you can access the offline version from the Start menu by clicking Start > All Programs > QSR > NVivo 10 > English > NVivo 10 Help Once you are in the offline help, you can select and print each book in the Table of Contents: In the Help navigation pane (on the left), click the Contents tab to show the table of contents Click on the book that you want to print (e.g. Coding), and then click the Print icon (or right-click on the book and then click Print) In the Print Topics dialog box, select Print the selected heading and all subtopics, and then click OK. Best regards Sarah
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