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  1. Third time is a charm. I deleted the download and did it over. The third time it took.
  2. I just tried a few times to install Service Pack 4. Downloaded it to the desktop (although it appears only a fairly small file downloaded). When I ran it I got an error message "Error reading setup initialization file"
  3. I installed SP2 and it appears to work fine. It would be helpful if you could put up a list of significant changes to the software. Are there any enhancements?
  4. In the sources panel, it would be nice to have an option to set "expand all" as a default. Although it is not a huge time waster, I don't like having to click the + every time I want to see a list of my folders in internals.
  5. I am using vista with 2 gb ram. I had crashes on PDF entry when I first started using the program. I could tell that the RAM was getting maxed out when the PDF was processing - took 20- 30 seconds. Sometimes it would crash. I did two things and the problem stopped. I installed NVivo 8 SP1 and at the same time stuck in a 2gb memory stick and told Vista to use it for ram. One or the other, or both seems to have fixed the problem. I do sometimes have the same problem with goofy characters being inserted. Seems that Nivo8 does not like the characters ff or fi in PDF files. Everytim
  6. I figured out my crash problem. I use a program called Sugarsync to backup online and syncronize my files between my home computer and my school computer. I learned that if the program is in the process of uploading my Nivo data file I cannot open it with Nvivo. Now, that might make sense, but it should give an error message instead of just crashing.
  7. I am doing a fairly large literature review using Nvivo8. On 70% of my PDF's I have no problem. On 10% I get some corruption - for some reason it converts all the ff or fi in the document to a $ or ". You can fix that in the downloaded file, but it is a hassle. On another 20% they simply do not import. Sometimes I can work around that by going to the pdf and copying the text into a word file and then importing that. But other times the problem is the PDF is locked so that you cannot copy the text. This is such a potentially powerful function that I hope they get it right. The a
  8. I wrote support on this and got a prompt and helpful reply. This fixed it. Firstly, please restart your computer. If this action has not rectified your problem, the issue may be related to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express (which is the database component that NVivo 8 uses) permission issue. To help ensure that you have adequate permissions to use SQL server, please perform the steps below: 1. Stop the service · Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel · Double click Administrative Tools · Double click Services · Double click SQL Server (QSRNVIVO8)
  9. I am having the same problem, which first occured after I install SP1. I uninstalled Nvivo 8, uninstalled the SQL programs, and reinstalled the new Nivo 8 with SP1 already included. Same problem. Here is the latest error message. A system reflection target invocation exception does seem to have theological roots. Perhaps God does not like my project? Version = Exception = System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException Message = Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. FullText = System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the
  10. I installed SP1 and now when I try to open my project it crashes. No error messages, it just turns off. I started a new project, which worked fine for a while (just importing PDF files), and then it started crashing too. The volunteering file opens fine. I tried to run the compact and repair utility but that just crashed the program as well as soon as I select the file. Before I installed SP1 I had a lot of problems with PDF files - about half gave an error message that says the text was beyond the page width. That appears to have been fixed in SP1.
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