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  1. I am searching for word phrases using " ", but results come back having searched only the first word of the phrase.
  2. I am not sure how interpret the cluster analysis of a word frequency query, specifically the relationships depicted in a horizontal dendrogram. The help file says: The Cluster Analysis tab displays up to 100 words as a horizontal dendrogram, where words that co-occur are clustered together. I am not sure what "co-occur" means.
  3. In my new version the node menu for coding is different. In the old version there were check boxes where I could check multiple nodes to code, now I have to hold down the control key to code to multiple nodes. This is not very convenient for long coding sessions or where I code to many nodes. Is there a way to go back to the check boxes?
  4. Hello Sameer The query results are from a matrix query. I am working with 100s of documents that span a 5 year period that is divided into three time periods. I want to construct a timeline of events in each of the time periods. Having the sources sorted by date in the query results would be very helpful for this task. I also want to 'track' how the thematic nodes that I have coded evolve over the course of each time period. Again, having the sources sorted by date would be very helpful. The sources are grouped by the time period and also have a specific date included in the source
  5. Is it possible to automatically include linked memos in a query without having to select them as a separate project item? I want to select the internal source(s) and automatically include the linked memo in a query
  6. Is there a way to sort query results by the date of the source? It seems that results are sorted by the type of source and then alphabetically by the name of the source. All my sources have a date in the attribute value. Can I sort the query results based on the date attribute value?
  7. I have classified all of my sources, but when I open the classifications sheets, there are sources missing.
  8. I use Endnote on a Macbook and Nvivo on a windows laptop. Is there anyway I can import my endnote references with the attached pdfs from endnote on the Macbook to Nvivo on the windonws laptop? When I try to do this, I get the bibliometric data and the abstracts (as memos), but can't get the pdfs.
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