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  1. Hello So many features of NVivo haven't caught up with using Case Nodes. For example, if I want to create a model showing who talked about a theme, I can't select "Case Nodes" as associated data, but instead use my sources. Because I have used "Node Classifications" for to store demographic data, I can't show/hide my demographic information in my model when it includes sources. This is annoying. Nicole
  2. Is wishing I was on holidays already.....

  3. Hi there QSR people, I make this request every few years, and I've been wanting this feature again with the work I'm currently doing. In the old NUD*IST there was a function where you could find documents NOT coded to a particular node, which was really useful. For example, in the work I'm doing now, I have a node for Problems and I want to know "Who didn't talk about the problems?", there might be something important to know about these people. At the moment the work-around I use is to do a group query to find the documents that are coded to problems and then look at the list to see wh
  4. Hi, Im using framework matrices, and I was wondering if there was a way to show cell coding when the windows were undocked? Id like to work across two screens so I have lots of room to see my matrix, but if I undock windows, Im not able to view cell coding in the detail view. Thanks Nicole
  5. Hi Kath, Thanks for your reply. I resolved the issue by starting my project again in NVivo 9, and using the classify nodes wizard there, then converting it to NVivo 10. Nicole
  6. Hi there, An update from my question of yesterday. There seems to be an error in NVivo 10, because I started the project again in NVivo 9 and it works. I worked out how to classify nodes from the dataset, but then when I assign my case nodes to the classification "person"- it erases the data in the classification sheet. Nicole
  7. I cannot understand how to classify nodes from a dataset- even though I successfully have done this in NVivo 9- I have read the help files- I am an NVivo trainer with 12 years experience with QSR products. All of my data is in a dataset, which I imported and established codeable and classifying fields. I also imported a demographic classification sheet, separately to the dataset, which I used to create a classification sheet called "case number", with attributes like gender, age etc. When I got to the Classify Nodes from Dataset wizard, I get confused by the question "choose colum
  8. Hi, Ive had a student enquire about using Arabic script within NVivo. He has imported documents containing arabic script and is able to code them, but when you open the node the script is not maintained, it is a jumble of our alphabet. He has loaded arabic onto his computer, but did this after installing NVivo. When we looked at the User Interface within Application Options, Arabic was not available in the list. Do you have any advice on this? Regards Nicole Shepherd
  9. Hello, Is it possible to print out the form view of a data set? When I right clicked on my data set source, I selected "print dataset" but I got an error message. My dataset has 48 cases. Regards Nicole
  10. is avoiding her marking

  11. Even if your licence has expired, your project will still be saved as a .nvp file, which you can copy onto a USB stick and use on another PC, just like you can any other file. Your projects are usually stored in the My Documents folder, or do a search on your computer for a .nvp extension. good luck with your thesis! Nicole
  12. Hi It would be good if there was some indication of when you had pressed "start selection" when you are working with the audio timeline. For example, if the Blue Blob turned green or something. Its easy for the "start selection" to turn off if you accidentally click somewhere other than the timeline, but you don't realise until you "stop selection" and see that nothing happened. Nicole
  13. Have you actually created a document? Which version are you using? nicole
  14. Hi If you code an interview from the audio timeline only, is there an easy way to transcribe coded sections of an audio file? Nicole
  15. Hello Does anyone know how you can import a case table in NV8 and specify the attribute type as 'number'? It seems like only 'string' is an option. I'm sure I could do this in NV2??? Nicole
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