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  1. Given the wide ranging bugs and issues with NVivo 9, why can't QSR release a beta version for public testing instead of prematurely releasing a flawed product that fails to meet people's needs? I assume this does not fit with QSR's business model, but releasing new versions that are unstable and that lacks functionality won't get people onboard to pay for an upgrade.
  2. From QSR's spiel on what's new: "Enjoy enhanced usability NVivo 9‟s interface now includes a ribbon to help you quickly find frequently used commands so tasks can be completed with fewer steps." So in attempting to enhance usability, they've added the often hated clutter causing ribbon interface and removed customisable shortcuts - one of the key features that actually enhances workflow. As consumers, people should not be paying more to receive less.
  3. one of the most frustrating things for beginners to nvivo is why all of a sudden you can't select a particular option from a menu. known as 'greyed out mouse non response syndrome' it causes futile mouse clicking and endless help topic searching. a much better idea would be a pop up or a message when hovering over the greyed area that tells the user why a certain option is greyed out and how to work around it. eg menu items that were clickable turn grey when a mediating box or option is ticked. the user may not have made the connection between the two and even if they have may not be able to w
  4. somehow i've lost the icons for my navigation pane and the font has reduced. please help solve this mystery for the ages. the navigation pane options doesn't seem to have the option to retrieve the icons.
  5. When coding text that needs to be coded at numerous nodes I often find that I have just done similar coding for another piece of text. The shortcut to code at the same group is there with the 'Code At' option in the toolbar. However, this only gives you the last set of coding. If you've remembered coding at several nodes for a much earlier bit of text then its not stored in the coding history as a group of nodes. Even if you can look it up in the coding stripes, there's no way of capturing that and then applying that group action to a bit of current highlighted text. It would be great to go to
  6. drag & drop works for imported word docs and audio files but not for the internal transcription entries. is this an oversight or is it intentionally in place to avoid 'double counting' codes via audio and transcript? either way, it would be useful to have the time saving functionality of drag and drop for internal transcriptions.
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