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  1. Hi Christyne, If you are asking can I convert my NVivo 10 project to NVivo 9, the answer is "No". We do not support saving a project to an earlier version. regards Darren
  2. Hello again abbilyn, A colleague of mine has been able to reproduce your problem. Changing the selected Coding Stripes option in a docked Source Detail View does not correctly enable/disable the "Number of Stripes..." command. We have found that you can work around this issue quite simply by; 1. Clicking the mouse on the Stripes pane - > the Number of Stripes command becomes correctly enabled. 2. OR Close and reopen the Source Detail View -> the Number of Stripes command becomes correctly enabled. I hope this helps. Darren
  3. Hi abbilyn, I have access to the "Number of Stripes" option in the "View" Tab. Can you give some more details. 1. What Coding Stripes option do you have selected? 2. What view (Source or Node view) are you in? Any other details may help us reproduce your problem. thanks Darren
  4. Hello Stephan, Please see below for a response to your queries. First of all thankyou, we at QSR do appreciate any feedback we receive on our forum and try our best to both respond in a timely manner and incorporate user feedback into our development process. There is no option to save a project as an earlier major version, nor do I think this gets to the root cause of the problems you are experiencing. May I ask you send in to support (if you have not already), the crash files. That way we can try to reproduce the issue inhouse and resolve this for you in time for the next service pack. There sounds to be an underlying problem with your project file. This is always the hardest question to answer, mainly because there are so many factors that affect performance, so any kind of comparison between results we see and what users see is difficult. Results users will see are dependent on; 1. Machine Specifications 2. Machine resources (what is running and installed on the machine) 3. NVivo project size 4. The type of data and size of the data in the project 5. The feature\operations in question Performance Testing we have done in NVivo of 20 key scenarios, show that overall NVivo 9 is > 20% faster than NVivo 8. There was also a lot of work done to improve scalability of our solution when working with larger sets of data. That being said we still have a number of performance issues we are aware of and are working on to improve performance (and hence user experience) for our users. Each release we aim to improve performance and usability. I would be happy to try and reproduce any performance issue users are having in-house, so if we can get our hands on your project and more specifics about the kind of operations you are performing that would be greatly appreciated. Again please send details on to support, so we can liase with you to improve performance. The reporting feature has been redesigned in NVivo 9 to allow users to flexibly report on their data at the source/node level. As NVivo 9 supports many different types of content, extracting coded content is best done by exporting the contents of a node (or the results of a coding query) to a file – this export is available in a variety of formats from Word documents to mini-websites. In terms of the Query crash, I beleive customer support are already working directly with you to get to the bottom of this problem. We do commit to a response within one working day, however, we aim to respond quicker where possible. Issues that are complex and specific to a project require in depth investigation. This is best achieved directly through our Support team. If the resolution is beneficial for the wider forum community, we post it to the topic. kind regards Darren
  5. Hello, Thank you for raising this issue. We have been able to reproduce and a new defect has been lodged. Note that this same issue also occurs in NVivo 8 and has nothing to do with page size (will occur when printing any item to file). regards Darren
  6. Hello Ske, For text files each column of data is separated by a delimiter (the delimiter is either a Tab or Comma character). Getting a warning on import that your dataset has an uneven number of columns occurs when a row is missing a delimiter or a row has an extra delimiter (basically the delimiters are uneven). For text files this is usually when the dataset has something like; Note that in the above examples the absence of a cell refers to a missing delimiter on the row. The extra cell refers to an additional delimiter. To fix the dataset you need to determine whether you have too few or too many delimiters and add or remove as appropriate. Alternatively import your text file into Excel and import this. We do not believe you can get this message when dealing with spread sheets. Or are your comments refering to a csv file which can be opened in Excell? If the above doesn’t help you out I would be happy to take a look at your dataset to determine whats causing the Import warning. If so please send in your dataset to QSR Support. Also a good resource is the NVivo 9 Help where we have some pointers on what to do to prepare your dataset for import. Regards Darren
  7. Hello Shipra, This sounds like an installation problem. I suggest emailing QSR Support and they will detail steps on how you can provide QSR with SQL log files so we can determine the root cause of your problem. regards Darren
  8. Hello Stuart and Cynthia, I am interested in whether the suggestion above by Cynthia works. The Welcome screen links directly to that same project file, so I am not sure why going via Windows Explorer would make any difference. I'd also be curious whether subsequently (after opening the project via Windows Explorer) the link from the Welcome Screen works. If opening the Sample Project still does not open I would say that the SQL install was not successful in which case you should contact QSR Support. regards Darren
  9. Hello Bert, We have tried to improve PDF support in NVivo 9, so if you are seeing otherwise (PDf's importing in NVivo 8 that do not import in NVivo 9) please contact support via QSR Support. Thanks for the post. Darren
  10. Hello GCookie, I will contact you outside of this forum to work arange this. regards Darren
  11. Hello Gcookie, There have been some improvements made to the performance in NVivo 9, although it is hard to compare directly against NV8 times. In a typical sized project we use for benchmarking we have trended a 20% differential improvement between NVivo 9 and NVivo 8 when comparing 20 key scenarios\operations. We have also seen improvements when dealing with larger amounts of data as opposed to smaller operations (in NVivo 9 compared to NVivo 8). That being said we are still actively working on improving performance and hope to have more performance improvements in service pack 1. Yes, the Server Product uses the full version of SQL Server. One thing to try, could be switching Text Search Language to "none" (In Project Properties), as this may help improve performance by reducing Indexing. I'd like to better understand the makeup of your project and even (if possible) get my hands on a copy of your project? This way we can investigate performance of your project and I can take issues directly to the development team here at QSR. regards Darren
  12. Hello Jon, Yes we added the "Click to edit" bar to both remind users and to make the operation more accessible. I can see that some users might not want to see the bar at all and have raised this as a suggestion for a future release. regards Darren
  13. Hello Alex, Thank you for posting this information. I have asked one of my colleagues to look into this, so she will be in contact to gather more information and get to the bottom of your problem. In the interim, I was wondering if you have another PC you could install NVivo on and try again? I have a hunch it might be an installation problem. Thanks Darren
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