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  1. Hi Mohammad, Unfortunately I found your answer about as useful as the coding stripes, as I had already read and understood the help page you linked to. I have attached an image (with transcript text blurredI of an example of an interview transcript. It is very difficult to read how I have coded the individual sections as I have to turn my head 90 degrees and scroll scroll scroll to the right and left and back again to see what's coded. This is because all of the nodes used on this source are shown for each section coded. It just doesn't work (cognitively) for me. Kind regards, Melissa
  2. I am an Nvivo newbie, who has just coded all of my interviews (with way too many nodes 450!! which I am now sorting through, organizing hiearchally, finding synonyms, etc) However once I have coded my sources, I can't really see what I have coded where from within the source itself. My coded sections are highlighted, but I don't know how to see which nodes I've coded. I don't find the coding stripes at all helpful, I just want to see a list of the codes I have used on a selection. I've tried exporting to word (I can get my source classifications shown but not the nodes) and printing to PDF (it's one hot confusing mess). Do you have any tips to help me see how I have coded my transcripts within Nvivo and how to export the coded transcripts with codes to Word. Thanks in advance. Melissa PS. I don't have any problem generating a report showing me which nodes I have used and where I have used them for an interview - these are presented alphabetically by node. What I would like is to see the nodes in a 3rd column beside my transcript sections - column 1 timestamp, column2 text, column 3 nodes.
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