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  1. Hi Rahul. Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes I saw this help page. I am wondering if some users here familiar with both software know if there is a way to convert a MaxQDA file in a format recognized by NVivo. Best, Olivier.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know how to open or import a MaxQDA 12 file into NVivo 11? I am currently working on a project with a researcher who uses MaxQDA 12. She is supposed to share data with me for further analysis. So she sent me her project file which is a .mx12 file. I could not open it with NVivo11, nor import it in any way into my project file. I asked her if she could save her project into an .mx5 file (or earlier version), but apparently this is not possible. She could export it into a .mex file, but I could not open it either. Does anyone know how she can send her da
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