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  1. Would it be possible to include a section at the top of the drop-down list of fonts, one that displays the four or five most frequently used fonts? This set up--similar to that found in Microsoft Office products as well as in Adobe--would speed things up enormously for people using multiple fonts (including those users who need different fonts for different languages). A recent request for text styles (and not just paragraph styles) is along the same lines-- both would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Hi Adam, Thanks for your comments, it's good that NVIVO is continuing to develop. I think I hear in your response an indication that NVIVO is not really interested in embracing the kind of approach I would hope for--something similar to that taking place in various open-source development environments. While NVIVO is not open-source software, it could learn from the kind of discussion that happens in these places. A vibrant user-developer discussion, like that taking place around the development of Zotero, gives a sense of the kind of involvement I was hoping for. As it stands, user
  3. As a short follow-up, it is also worth noting that frequent spam / hacks of the forum [edit: had links here to some examples, but they've been removed by moderators, which is great] that remain active for several days or weeks demonstrates that the forum is not very well groomed by moderators. Finding things like this on a forum gives users the idea that the forum is not an active site of engagement for users or the developers, and that puts users off participating.
  4. This is a general request for a more collaborative and informative approach from QSR in the development of NVIVO. My own sense is that users have very little understanding of where NVIVO is headed and what kinds of changes are being made to the software. It's very unclear from the forum just how active development of NVIVO is, and there is no information available about which requests from users (in this suggestions section, for example) are being implemented and which ones are not. This makes it difficult for users to participate in the forums, beyond requests for immediate help wi
  5. Is there a way to set a 'default' or 'active' project in NVIVO, and have it open automatically when the software is started up? Thanks.
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