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  1. Hi quick question on whether QSR has a suggested citation for referencing NVivo8, or how others have referenced the program? Thanks
  2. Hi I'd like to resize the shapes and connectors in my models so that they don't skew (i.e turn a square into a rectange, circle into an oval shape). How can I do this? I've tried holding down ctl, alt, shift and it's not working. Thanks
  3. Hey JP I was going to make a very similar suggestion to your 2) below...and now I'm highlighting and dragging and dropping into my tree codes (I have my source document open and my tree code list open) - saving so much time!
  4. It would be brilliant if there was some way to bookmark a spot in an internal (e.g. long transcript) where you could go back to straight away after a break and continue coding (without turning on coding stripes or highlighting).
  5. Hi Pat I think that could very well have been what caused my problem. I was working from my memory stick while in the NVivo workshop as I didn't want to save it on the class computer. Lesson learned! I now religiously save, then copy project and rename, then copy my backup to my memory stick/s.
  6. Linda and Jeff My heartbreaking solution was to start again. I still don't know what caused it. Hope you have more success than me.
  7. Thank you both of you. How do you save a html of a transcript with coding stripes? I have been searching on help for ages and can't find this out (saw how to print but not to save to html). Thanks.
  8. Thanks Perelandra As my participants are all cases, if I highlight for all nodes it highlights everything. I'd like to be able to see new free nodes highlighted as I make them (like I'm highlighting with a pen as I read something) rather than having to keep going back into the view->highlight->show highlighting for selected nodes and then ticking the boxes of recently created nodes. I find that coding stripes are too hard to read when I'm doing free coding with lots of new categories (often with long names).
  9. A redo button would be fabulous!! I'm experimenting with which coding stripes and highlighting I like, hit "undo" and delete my last code, rather than my decision to highlight certain sections. A redo button would be fab, especially for bashful beginners like myself.
  10. (second post for today, sorry everyone!) What I'd really like is to just be able to show highlighting as I'm creating new codes. Is there any way to do this? That way I can see where I'm up to in the source document and where I last coded something. Thanks
  11. I need to present my attempts at open coding using free nodes on my focus group transcriptions to my supervisors. Is there a way I can export my coding on the transcriptions to word and email them to my supervisors so they can review what I've done? Thanks
  12. I've just sent in an email to get some help but thought I'd post just in case someone is out there today who can help me. I recently bought the student semester edition of NVivo 8 and spent two days in QSR training last week where I had an opportunity to start up my own project. I'm now trying to open my project created during the course on my laptop (which uses Vista) and it won't open, stating: NVivo 8 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the problem and notify you if a solution is available. I am stressing ou
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