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  1. Hi All I'm not sure if this question has been answered already, so apologies in advance. How do I run a text search query and spread the coding to the surrounding sentence ONLY, i.e. from the capital letter...till the fullstop or question mark. Currently 'custom context' only allows me to select the surrounding paragraph, which in some cases means 3-5 sentences. Any help will be appreciated. Thx Walter
  2. Bulk Coding

    Hi Bhupesh Apologies if the reference that I suggested from maxQDA is not what I intended to request. Here is a more detailed explanation. I was thinking of something like this...I.e. import a Microsoft Excel file with all the "Text Search Options" pre-populated and then run a 'batch' command to loop through each search item (see below and also attached). If the search options are the same for all the search criteria, one could pre-specify the options/criteria in NVivo text search window and then just import or add a list of the node Items, description and search criteria as a .csv file. I guess this would have to be a feature request, and would appreciate your help in putting it through the channels. My PhD depends on this, as I have 1000's of text searches to run and code, and it is taking forever to do these by hand and wayy too late to change to another platform or do my analysis outside of NVivo. Once they are coded it would be easy to copy/paste them from the results folder to the relevant node. Much Appreciated Walter NodeItemName NodeDescription SearchCriteria ScopeAll ScopeOption ScopeItems (csv) SpreadOptionLevel SpreadValue SaveOptions Aristotle Greek Philosophers Aristotle FALSE Source (0) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc None (0) 0 No (0) Epicurius Greek Philosophers Epicurius FALSE Memo (1) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Coding Ref (1) 0 Yes (1) Plato Greek Philosophers Plato OR Homer FALSE Node (2) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Narrow (2) 0 Yes (1) Cicero Greek Philosophers Cicero FALSE Case (3) "Source 1", "Source 2", "Source 3", etc Broad (3) 5 Yes (1) St.Thomas Italian Philosophers "St Thomas" ~1 TRUE All (9) None Custom (4) 100 Yes (1) Socrates Greek Philosophers Socrates TRUE None (99) None Entire (5) 101 Yes (1) NVivo12BatchSearchOptions.xlsx
  3. Bulk Coding

    Hi Bupesh Thanks for the response. Would there be a workaround i.e. upload an excel spreadsheet with two columns, namely the node and the search string. Then somehow run a text search query that would search for each string turn and code it at the node? There is something similar in MaxQDA "Importing Codes and Code Memos from an Excel Table" and/or "coding with multiple codes simultaneously". Any suggestions on how to do this in NVivo are welcome as it will take me forever to search and code for over 500 nodes and search strings manually. Kind Regards Walter
  4. Bulk Coding

    Hi All Apologies in advance if this question has been answered. I have a number of nodes to code (more than 500) that are based on keywords that I have identified in the text. Currently I open a text search for each new node and then search for the keywords and save them to a node. Is there possibly a way in NVivo 11 where I can provide it with a list of nodes and keywords so that it will automatically search the sources and code these nodes even if it codes them in the root node by default. For example, for the node "Assignment" search selected sources for "work assignment" and working assignment" and for a new node "Environment" search for "work environment" and "working evironment" and so on. Thanx in advance if you can assist as it will save me a lot of time running the text search query one-by-one. Kind Regards Walter