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  1. It would be hugely helpful if I could select colors of coding stripes. I have three years' worth of data, and it would help tremendously to be able to code each year a different color, so that when I look at results, I can see which ones came from which year. I am currently looking at writing across three years, and this would help me see changes / growth more readily. A friend has Nvivo for Windows, and she used the colors to code by source, so for example, when she looked at results, she knew which ones were from interview data versus observations. I've organized my data (sources a
  2. Hi, I have coded numerous documents (PDFs and Word) and have had great success with coding stripes. I'm currently coding transcripts, and when I select "show nodes recently coding," nothing happens. Usually the coding stripes will show up alongside the item I'm coding, but in transcripts, this does not work. The current transcript was created in Nvivo (not imported), but even imported transcripts don't show coding stripes either. I can see that items have been coded based on the numbers indicated in the "sources" and "references" columns in Nodes. I can't find anything about c
  3. The last two times I have updated my Mac software (in the last month), when I opened Nvivo for the first time, it alerted me there's a new version of Nvivo for Mac, so I've had to install the "supposed" updated version. However, I'm not really sure if this is true (that Nvivo updates have been released since the one in September). I can't find a list of the Nvivo for Mac updates released (by date and version #) or what the new features are of any update(s), so I am not really sure that I've needed to update my Nvivo for Mac software, but why would the software revert to an older version j
  4. I am having a similar problem. The main feature that is slow for me is coding. When I code a passage, I have to wait a good10-20 seconds for the "spinning pinwheel" to stop before I can proceed. If I scroll down the page too fast, again, pinwheel keeps me from doing anything. My project is 277.7 MB, which doesn't seem that big. Coding is going so slow because of this delay every time I assign a node. My Macbook Air's specs are as follows: processor 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Agreed. I would find this very useful as well.
  6. Hi, I am working on data from three different years, and I wanted to color code my stripes by year (e.g., everything in 2014 is red, everything in 2013 is green, etc). Then I realized NVivo for Mac does not support this. My coding stripes have different colors, but they seem to be randomly generated when I created nodes. Here's what I'm thinking for a work-around and wonder if this will work: download the free trial of NVivo for Windows onto my husband's PC, convert my project to the Windows version, apply the colors by year, then convert the project back onto my Mac...will this work? Or w
  7. I submitted a formal request for assistance, and I have finally been able to install the new version. I don't know what was different because I followed the same procedures...just this time, the linked file that downloaded replaced the old one.
  8. I did exactly as you said, and I still have the old version. I deleted copies on my computer three times, downloaded the new one three times, and when I right-click it, it's still the June 19 release.
  9. I saw the announcement on Facebook, so I immediately went to QSR to download the update, but after I did, it seems that I still have version 10.0.4 (not 10.1, which I assume is the updated version according to the recommendation here ). I tried to download the update twice, but each time it shows that I still have version 10.0.4 and not 10.1 I made sure to have the old version closed when I installed the update, and I told it to replace the current version. I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. MiriamV, on my Mac, the right click is achieved by holding down the control key while clicking with mouse (or trackpad).
  11. Ok, that's great! Thank you. Now, I want to copy my nodes so that I can share that report (of nodes with definitions and coding rules) with my coder. I just discovered there is no way to generate a report with my codes/nodes because the Mac version does not support reports...is there a work-around for that?
  12. I want to make a copy of my project so that I have a back up. I also want to share my project with a peer so that a peer can code a sample of my data. Based on what I am seeing on the comparison chart (Windows vs Mac versions) the Mac version does not support coding comparison between users. I don't see any info about making copies of my project (only how I can copy the sample project that comes with Nvivo). Am I missing something? Trying not to freak out.......
  13. I was going to ask about annotations, and this is a great work-around. Thanks!
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