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  1. Hi, so far I have seen how we can use NVivo to link survey responses to say interview data from the same set of respondents. I wondered if it was possible to import two sets of survey data from the same set of participants to be analysed in the same project? I'll be more specific - I have a set of survey responses from about 800 respondents, which I have imported into Nvivo and started analysing. I now have a second set of responses to a different set of questions from the same respondents which I would like to add to the same project. I know I can't edit the imported dataset file, but can
  2. Thanks Jason! I realised what I was doing wrong so ended up doing something similar to what you suggested and I think I've cracked it.
  3. I have some survey data in which one of the questions we asked people about how their projects are funded. I have coded the column of this data by different nodes to represent the different types of funding using text search (over 2000 responses I had to automate it!) - grants, contracts, donations, etc. The responses are open-ended so sometimes they mention the word grant or funding multiple times. An example is: "We received funding from ABC and also were funded by XYZ" If I code for text search fund*, this response generates two references, but it is from one respondent/ case. How
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