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  1. I am working on a project with a research assistant. Because merging files is not available on Mac NVIVO yet, we are sharing a single file and coding asynchronously. When I view project properties, both of our user names are there so I know that it is reading our work as separate. However, I'd like to check my assistant's work. I don't see any notation that indicates which coding stripes are hers and which are mine. Is there a way I can view coding stripes of just one user (either me or my research assistant)? Thank you!
  2. thanks for all the help -seemed to be something quirky (unclear what) with that project. I was able to successfully import it into a new project so I just recreated my framework again. Thanks!
  3. Nope. That was not the problem. It works for Source and when I try with the same file for Node I get the following error: "When the user has specified a parent node or source, the node or source isn't a node or source." I have double checked all the spelling and tried the txt file with hierarchical naming and not. Thoughts?
  4. I seem to have found a bug. I can import the classification sheet successfully as a SOURCE classification but not as a NODE classification. Thoughts or assistance? Is there a specific way to report this error to QSR developers?
  5. Thanks, Canarik. My file is attached here as xlsx and txt. Any step by step instructions you can offer would be great! CityCensus+EnrollChange_2000-10_NVIVO.xlsx CityCensus+EnrollChange_2000-10_NVIVO.txt
  6. I have followed all the instructions on importing/exporting classification sheets (found here: http://help-nv10mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_%28or_export%29_classification_sheets.htm and here: http://help-nv10mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/dialogs/using_the_import_classification_sheets_wizard.htm) and can't seem to get it to work. I have tried both a CSV and a TXT file, and both encoding for the TXT file. I have also eliminated all stray characters in my original file so it is only text and numbers. I have also tried lots of titles for hierarchical node names. What am I missing? My project log opens and alerts me that there is an error but it doesn't tell me why it won't import. Please help! Thanks!
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