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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have done this but it exported a static model and I am trying to find a way to get my non-static model from one project into another project. Any suggestions? Thanks sadie
  2. I just learned that the following features are not available (yet) in the mac software: models, see-also links, annotation, matrix queries and one more thing. What is the other feature that is missing? Also, is there an anticipated arrival date of these features? If/when they do arrive, will those that have already purchased licenses receive an email to update to the revised version for free? Tks.
  3. How do I share a model from one project to another with out it becoming static? I am trying to take a model from one project and put it into another one but cant figure out how to do this so the shapes retain their properties and I will be be able to modify the model once it is in the new project. Tks.
  4. When doing a text search why cant you select spread to code reference? Why is it only valid when searching in nodes and not in sources?
  5. When doing a text search and searching through source documents, how come you don't get a word tree option unless you preview it first?
  6. I am working with a team on a project but we are all coding in our own projects. I have created a model that I would like to share with my colleagues. Is there a way to share the model so it is editable and not a static image (which is what I have found happens when I export it)? Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to just look at one set of codes? I have a node folder with 3 nodes in it. I would like to just look at my data that is coded for those nodes and those nodes only so I can further code it. More details: I have coded how students are sharing their ideas and included the teacher's comments/response when available. I would like to pull just the data that I have coded as students sharing ideas so I can further code how the teacher responded. Is this possible? Thanks.
  8. Is it possible to make nodes from a model? I have spent a bit of time making a model with many of the things that I have noticed but not coded for so Im wondering if there is a way to make a node from the model. I know you can link a node to the model, but my understanding is that you do this with an existing node. Tks.
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