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  1. OK, having gotten no responses and trying for hours to get a side-by-side comparison of the coders' work with no luck I found a Kappa Calculator here: https://www.niwa.co.nz/node/104318/kapparesults In order to input the numbers to achieve Kappa I took the following values from the NV10 coding comparison results: Present-Present: Took the total number of A+B Agreement = 49 Present-Absent: Took the total # of A's but NOT B's = 31 (Coder 1) Absent-Present: Took the total # of B's but NOT A's = 9 (Coder 2) Absent-Absent: Took the total # of Neither A nor B = 1207 And here are
  2. Sorry but I'm still not getting this. I attempted to average only a single column (Kappa) to see the average number and it turns up that error, what is/are the formula used to calculate the Kappa and percentage aggregates? I mean if I cut that column of Kappa and and paste it here: http://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/statistics/average.php It gives me: Average (Mean): Count: 1296 Sum: 1256 Average: 1256 / 1296 = 0.96913580246914 Would this be a correct calculation of average Kappa between my coders? And since NV compares all sources against a
  3. Hello I'm stuck (yet again) on using NV function. I set up an intercoder test and had 2 coders code 48 images(sources) to 27 codes(nodes) and I'm trying to deal with the results of the coding comparison which NV only calculates for every source against every node, resulting in a spreadsheet with 1296 lines of comparison. Exporting the results into excel to try and calculate averages also yields nothing as it continues to return: "ErrorEvaluation of function AVERAGE caused a divide by zero error." I can see formulas [=IF($Q30-$O30=0,1,($P30-$O30)/($Q30-O30))] in the NV exampl
  4. Thanks! It has been confirmed, just found it a bit unusual having to make the user do work to be saved (with no indications) instead of having a simpler user interface that lets you create users and save to project without having to modify the project beforehand. While this method works it's a little disconcerting.
  5. Does your source show zero nodes and zero references? If so you may be experiencing the same issue I am, likely a misstep in project step-up. QSR advised zipping the file and submitting a support ticket: http://assets.qsrinternational.com/support-form/ However if just trying to run a standard query I've also had no luck with that, but matrix coding queries work fairly well. Good luck!
  6. It returns no results so there is nothing to show/save. I will zip it and submit a ticket.
  7. Hello I'm trying to figure out the best way to create 2 inter-coder user profile for a coding comparison in order to get the Kappa for my coding structure. I thought I had figured it out by checking "prompt for user on launch" entering a new user then I applied codes to a single node and compared it to my earlier (regular profile) which seems to have worked. However upon closing and reopening NV I see that the coder profile I created is gone; it cannot be found under project info>users, it only shows my original profile there and under options>general. Is this because I didn
  8. Hello I've narrowed my project down in terms of participants and created a new project to analyze them, I've created participant nodes, classified them all and coded a hundred other nodes related to the images each participant has done (basically followed the steps I did previously). The issue I'm having now is when I try a word frequency it shows nothing, how is this possible? Looking at my earlier project for comparison the only difference I see is that my main source (a survey) in the new projects shows no nodes or references despite there being many nodes and references done alrea
  9. Hi Yes, that method works, the child nodes were hidden by default as mentioned. Thanks!
  10. Hello I'm trying to get a simple excel file that contains all of my nodes and reference counts but this simple task seems overly complicated and the Report Wizard is not giving me what I want, nothing close in fact. This guide is also not helpful: http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/create_reports_using_the_report_wizard.htm#Use_the_Report_Wizard Why does the Export/list nodes option not do this? That function exports only the first level node title and nothing else, what purpose does that serve? I just want to see all the things I've coded thus far in a list
  11. Thanks for the reply Simon, In order to classify the necessary participants and images, how would I go about this? Looking at those instructions, I don't see the option to "add value" anywhere on my screen for my participant nodes or my images. I can add a 'new classification' for node or source but that doesn't seem to help. Clicking on the sheets then viewing "attribute values" also gives me no option of adding a new attribute, it just shows "no classification" and there is nothing to allow the addition of a new one. Clicking on the node properties brings up the already assigned clas
  12. Good Day, I've finished an initial coding of my data and now want to narrow the sampling down based on the most interesting groups and responses. For my study I collected 7 images (per person) and have determined that I want to narrow the analysis to 3-4 images and exclude the rest. Along the same lines I also want to narrow down the participants to specific regions (i.e. countries in Asia). So how can I organize my project to begin a second round of coding while narrowing down what I'm coding? I also expect to further narrow this sampling again after this round of coding. I'm thi
  13. Hi I can't tell what you'll be able to recover but you can open a ticket from the QSR main site and ask for them to recover the file. This worked for me but it may have been a different issue. It'll also take a few days to get a response then a few more (or a week to get the file back). To speed things up request to upload the file to their dropbox account in the initial ticket. Good luck!
  14. UPDATE: seems to work OK when not using the wizard but still quite slow.
  15. What is the best way to exclude data from my original source from future queries and node counts etc?? Since N10 does not allow editing of the source (PITA) how are we to go about an analysis when about 25/250 participants from the original source survey data need to be excluded? All my percentages and queries and the whole analysis is off by a significant margin and I don't fancy going back and repeating months of work to re-import (especially since it's likely I'd have forgotten the exact steps to get back to where I am presently) Would really appreciate some help, this program i
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