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  1. Yes, I had to download three times, too, before getting the 10.1 version. So I suspect it was a problem on QSR's end.
  2. I'm running NVivo 10.1 on a MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM and a 2.53 GHz Intel Core Duo. Our database contains many hundred documents, resulting in a project file of about 4.5GB. The program is now very sluggish. Opening the file takes several minutes, easy operations like creating a folder also have a few seconds lag. And worst, text search queries either never finish/crash or take half an hour or more. Is NVivo simply not suited for projects of this size? Would switching to a new computer make a significant difference (i.e. allow me to run a text search query in maybe a minute or two)? I spent a lot of time setting up the file and importing sources, so it's quite frustrating to now not being able to use it.
  3. A minor request: Can you please add strike-through formatting to the text editor? I find this quite useful especially for editing memos, when I want to preserve some old information but make clear that it's no longer current. E.g.
  4. We're using NVivo in a small group -- or rather we're trying to use it. The lack of the capability of merging projects has made it very difficult to productively use NVivo. It's not very practical to schedule access times for each project member, and so for now each team member is working on their own local copy. Can anyone suggest workarounds that would allow us to combine the work of our team members? Or an approximate timeline when the merging functionality will be implemented in the Mac version? Thanks!
  5. I guess the lack of responses means that this is not supported by NVivo and I'll have to add all subfolders manually. Maybe this is a feature that can be implemented in a future version of the software.
  6. Our team has a large number of documents (<2000), organized by several levels of subdirectories, that we want to import into NVivo. As far as I can tell, one can only select files, not folders in the import dialog, making this a huge pain. Is there any way to mass-import all documents while preserving the folder structure? Thanks!
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