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    Importing PDFs with Chinese characters

    Hi again Can, Having earlier looked up your reference to the Features List, after sending my first reply to you I thought that the problem may be that the Chinese characters are not in Unicode as NVivo requires. Sure enough, having converted the characters to Unicode (by converting the PDF to MS Word, choosing the right font and reconverting the file back to PDF), the characters are visible and otherwise usable in NVivo. Thanks in any case for putting me on the trail of the Unicode issue. Cheers, Julian
  2. jgsca2

    Importing PDFs with Chinese characters

    Hi Can, Thanks so much for your offer to help. I have attached a page from one of the PDFs I'm having trouble with. BTW, I've noticed that when I re-export the file out of NVivo the characters reappear. Cheers, Julian Page from 2011 - Zhao Qishan - Questioning AML IP exemption.pdf
  3. Hi, I have found that when I import Chinese language PDFs into NVivo, all the Chinese characters are removed from imported document. I am also using English language PDFs in the same project and so need to accommodate both scripts. Any suggestions? Cheers, Julian