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  1. amyshwang

    Very slow performance of NVivo for Mac

    I also just noticed that immediately after this software upgrade, my Finder is acting up. See screencast here: http://youtu.be/TyMMz3YuFCQ (note, any files that appear in the window do not actually belong in the selected files). Thank you!
  2. amyshwang

    Very slow performance of NVivo for Mac

    Oh dear! Now I have a bigger problem. I followed the automatic prompt to upgrade my NVivo 10 software and I can no longer open the program without it crashing. I tried 3 times, then rebooted and tried again - no luck. See screencast here: http://youtu.be/vHODqzlGnrw ... and please assist ASAP! Thank you.
  3. amyshwang

    Very slow performance of NVivo for Mac

    Here are my specs. Thanks for your assistance!
  4. Hi there, I am writing to report very slow performance of NVivo for Mac. I imagined this was normal when I was previously using the beta version but now that I have the full, up-to-date version, I wonder if there may be an underlying issue. Below is a screencast to give you a sense of the slow speed. Can you please assist? https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdazoa5hdiypo1g/NVivo%20for%20Mac%20slow%20performance%20%28screencast%29.mov?dl=0 Thank you. Amy