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  1. Thank you. I'll try it.
  2. Hi Andrew, I adjusted the settings and imported the file that you sent and it imported without issue. I even adjusted the settings to only allow apps downloaded from the Mac App store and it still imported just fine. But then I put it back to the original setting (Mac App store and approved developers), deleted one of the files I was having trouble with originally, and tried to import it again. It imported without issue this time. However, neither did I ever see NVivo Helper flash for a moment in the application dock when I re-imported a file that I deleted and imported again. I did see the program flash for a moment in the dock when I imported the Helen file that you sent me. Now I have no idea what happened.
  3. I'm not sure what happened to the request for support, Andrew. I still have that issue, but it seems to be an issue of the program scrolling within an interview transcript entry. When I first got NVivo, I just imported a lot of interview transcripts so that the entire transcript was in one 'transcript entry' associated with the audio file. I think it jumped around because after you highlight a selection that is large enough that you have to scroll down to continue highlighting, there is some default view that it jumps back to after you code. (Maybe it is the middle of the transcript entry? It doesn't seem to snap back either to the top of the entry or the bottom, but the view definitely changes.) I still have that issue, but only for very long transcript entries. One thing that helps is just to code an entire transcript entry as something instead of trying to code a piece of a transcript entry. Depending on how you use the transcription tool, or how you code, this might not work for you, but for me and the project I'm working on right now, it is working. Undoubtedly though, it would be much better for the text to remain stable after highlighting and coding a piece of a transcript entry.
  4. When importing new mp4 files (appropriately exported as mp4 files through QuickTime), I began to get an "unable to generate waveform" error at the same time that my Mac (OS 10.10.5) was telling me that NVivo was trying to use code that was not 'signed' as part of the original certificate. I had to enable any program to download from the internet in order for something called "NVivo Helper" to momentarily open and then the files were able to import into my project. I'm guessing that this is part of the new version of NVivo (10.2.2)? Is it possible to 'sign' this software so that I can keep my computer secure from Malware? NVivo Helper doesn't open long enough for me to right click and tell my machine that it is a valid exception. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! I will download the new version shortly!
  6. Hello, I have an assistant who is transcribing interviews for me in NVivo for Mac. She says that when she adds a new entry into the transcript (as one does to introduce a different speaker), she gets a pinwheel and increasingly the program seems to crash. She said that the problem (either the pinwheel or the crashing) didn't happen at all when she was first transcribing, but now it is doing it all the time. (She's transcribed about four interviews, each over an hour, in the last six weeks or so.) Sometimes the pinwheel goes for minutes at a time and resolves on its own. When it crashes, sometimes it erases more than the last entry in the transcription. Do you know what could be going on? It sounds to me as if the program is dealing with more data than it can handle, but I will be sorely disappointed in NVivo if four interviews makes it sluggish! Thank you!
  7. When coding transcripts that are attached to audio files (some imported and some created in NVivo), the script in the window jumps around, making it very difficult to move smoothly through the transcript. For example, I'll highlight a sentence and when I release the mouse, the view will jump to a previous point in the transcript. I have to scroll down to see the sentence that I've just highlighted. Then I can right-click and code the sentence, but when I click in the transcript box after coding, the view jumps to another point in the interview and I have to scroll down to continue to code the interview from where I left off. This adds lots of time to coding and means that it is very easy to skip over portions of the interview with all of the jumping around. This might be connected to the issue that another user was having in which the transcript window doesn't scroll down as you type, meaning that you can type, adding text to the box, but the window doesn't scroll down. I think it might be jumping back to the top of the entire interview for some actions and to the top of the timed box (with a start time and end time) for others.
  8. Never mind. I see where to do just that now.
  9. It would make coding audio and video a lot easier if there were 'in' and 'out' buttons to select a piece of the timeline as there are in FinalCut to select a clip. That way, instead of having to write down time codes that should be coded a certain way, one could listen/watch the piece, hit a key to begin a selection and then hit another key to end the selection. That way one could code selections by what is actually being said rather than the time stamp or the waveform.
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