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  1. mariajckrom

    NVivo for Mac update crashes

    Hi, Thanks so much for your assistance! It seems the problem is solved. I did as you (Tane) suggested, and my project opened and did not crash. Just one more question: do I need to do this from now on every time I want to open this project? Or if I save it, it will open in the normal way? Once again, many thanks for your advice (Can Arik and Tane), Maria
  2. mariajckrom

    NVivo for Mac update crashes

    Hi, Thank you for your reply. I did as you suggested and created a test-project, imported and coded some data, saved and closed the project and reopened it. No problems with this project. However, the problem persists with my Ph.D project. I would like to reinstall the older version to see if this will open it, but I don't have the .dmg file anymore and I can't seem to find a link anywhere on the QSR website do download the 10.0.4. version. Any ideas where I could find this link? Thanks in advance! Maria
  3. mariajckrom

    NVivo for Mac update crashes

    Hi, I have a student licence for NVivo for Mac. Today when I opened the program, I got a message that an update to version 10.1 was available. I downloaded the .dmg file and it installed fine on my computer, replacing the older version (10.0.4). The program also opened apparently without any problem, but then when I tried to open my Ph.D Project that I had created in the older version, the program crashed. I have tried reinstalling the program 3 times, and each time the same problem happens. I have restarted my computer, but nothing, the problem persists. Please HELP. I can't work because I cannot access my data. Maria