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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for your assistance! It seems the problem is solved. I did as you (Tane) suggested, and my project opened and did not crash. Just one more question: do I need to do this from now on every time I want to open this project? Or if I save it, it will open in the normal way? Once again, many thanks for your advice (Can Arik and Tane), Maria
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I did as you suggested and created a test-project, imported and coded some data, saved and closed the project and reopened it. No problems with this project. However, the problem persists with my Ph.D project. I would like to reinstall the older version to see if this will open it, but I don't have the .dmg file anymore and I can't seem to find a link anywhere on the QSR website do download the 10.0.4. version. Any ideas where I could find this link? Thanks in advance! Maria
  3. Hi, I have a student licence for NVivo for Mac. Today when I opened the program, I got a message that an update to version 10.1 was available. I downloaded the .dmg file and it installed fine on my computer, replacing the older version (10.0.4). The program also opened apparently without any problem, but then when I tried to open my Ph.D Project that I had created in the older version, the program crashed. I have tried reinstalling the program 3 times, and each time the same problem happens. I have restarted my computer, but nothing, the problem persists. Please HELP. I can't work because I cannot access my data. Maria
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