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  1. Thanks for your response. I’ve submitted a customer support form. Ryan Good
  2. Using either the “Show Annotations” box or the Find bar (Command-F), I can have the pdf viewer jump to a desired page. However, as soon as I try to scroll within that page, the viewer reverts to the page I had been viewing. Stated differently, the only way I can get to a page to work with it is to scroll all the way there. This is tremendously inconvenient. Am I missing something?
  3. It would be nice if the text editor window for writing memos would automatically scroll to keep the cursor on the page. As I'm typing, when I get to the bottom of the window, the cursor disappears off the bottom, rather than having the text scroll automatically to keep the cursor visible.
  4. In order to make it easier to select text for coding with the keyboard (as opposed to the mouse) in an imported document that is not in 'Edit' mode, I wish there was a visible cursor. It seems I can navigate around the document and select text using keystrokes, but it is difficult to do so because I only see a blinking cursor if the document is in 'Edit' mode. It seems to me there might be other ways to indicate the switch from edit to non-edit modes. (e.g. the cursor could change its appearance in some way) Ryan
  5. I would find it helpful to have a quick way to search for text within the open document that I am viewing—something akin to the Find command in TextEdit or Word. I know it is possible to run a Query and to select only one document, but I find that to be overkill if, for example, I know a name was mentioned within a long transcript and I open the transcript and want to find that reference quickly within the document.
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