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  1. amod

    Foot pedals?

    Does NVivo Mac support USB foot pedals for starting/stopping audio and video play? Are there particular brands that work or do not work for this, or ones that are recommended?
  2. amod

    Save As

    NVivo projects need an option for Save As... , or at least Duplicate and Replace. This would greatly facilitate a) making backups, version control, and c) easily finding out where one's project is located on the drive. It's pretty easy to implement and I was surprised to find out it wasn't there.
  3. amod

    Edit with coding stripes on

    Yes, I do. An external for me is typically a book, whose text I'm entering by hand. I'm not going to enter the whole thing; I enter the part I need to code and then I code it. I also realized only recently that this is what externals are for, so some documents like this are listed under internals. I would move them to externals, but there is no way to do that without losing one's coding.
  4. Currently, NVivo Mac will not let me edit a document when coding stripes are on, and will not let me turn on coding stripes while editing is on. It would be very helpful in creating proxy/external documents to be able to do this.
  5. amod

    Select region of image

    Please add the ability to select regions of an image/PDF file. This is a crucial feature of the Windows version. I knew that without it NVivo could not handle handwritten documents. Today I also realized it means I cannot do a literature review in Mac NVivo, because some of the PDF articles are not machine-readable so they cannot be coded as text.
  6. amod

    Search within open document

    The Windows version has a Find command like this and it is indeed very useful. I'd like to see this in the Mac version soon.
  7. amod

    Why no HTML import?

    I am scratching my head as to why NVivo cannot import raw HTML files (on either platform). From a coder's perspective, an HTML import is surely easier to do than more complicated formats like .doc, PDF or even RTF; the format is a very simple open standard. Instead, we have to use the NCapture plugin, which is far less user-friendly in two ways. First, there's the extra step of capturing and converting it rather than simply saving it; second, a PDF cannot be edited in NVivo, whereas raw HTML could be. I understand that NCapture preserves a page's appearance (from the additional non-HTML goop that may show up on a typical web page, coded in CSS or JavaScript or what-have-you). But often we don't want to preserve a page's appearance, which the "Save as Article" format suggests you realize. We just want the text; we want to be able to just import the HTML as is. This is really puzzling me. Why is there no HTML import? Are there plans to incorporate it soon? If not, why on earth not? (I'm sorry if this question has been asked already... but "html" is specifically listed as one of the terms I can't search the forums for!)