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    Query about queries

    Hello again, I have updated my version and all is fine now Many thanks - Caroline
  2. carolinemansfield

    Query about queries

    Thanks Bupesh, I think there is something odd here because the instructions for the matrix coding query (at http://help-nv10mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/run_a_matrix_coding_query.htm) don't match what I can see on my screen. On the help page it says to click 'matrix coding' but the only option is 'coding' - are they the same? I don't have the option to click rows or columns and when I run the query I only have the 'summary' or 'reference' options .. Is there an update I need or have I done something wrong? thanks, Caroline
  3. carolinemansfield

    Query about queries

    Thanks for your help - much appreciated. Do you know if I can generate the data in a table? I would like to have all the sources as rows and all the nodes as columns and then the cells showing how many times each source was coded at a node. I do recall doing something like that in NVivo for Windows and then I exported the matrix to Excel. Regards, Caroline
  4. carolinemansfield

    Query about queries

    Hello, I am using NVivo for a literature review and have imported 47 PDF sources and coded them according to emerging themes. I would like to generate a matrix that shows me all the sources and the nodes they are coded at. I can do this manually by going to each node and noting the sources on an excel spreadsheet, but I am thinking there must be a way I can generate this in NVivo, given all the data is there. Any help appreciated! Caroline