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  1. Thank you, Tane. I tried what you recommended, but the result is the same. My files were originally both local, on my laptop. I did a screen capture and will submit a link to that, along with the error file and the log, in a ticket. Manon
  2. Hi, We started having the same problem approximately last week. We routinely imported Mac project files into our master Windows project file. This is the error message (repeats, until the process gives up) 12/22/2014 15:56:51 15:56:51.9557 Failed to connect to database servers --- Sql AnyWhere Server cannot be started! Internal database error *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 201129 ([tempConversionMacProject] File is shorter than expected -- transaction rolled back Did you all change the path to the SQL AnyWhere database somehow? http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.help.sqlanywhere.12.0.1/dbadmin/finding-sa-tcpip.html Thanks, Manon Project Conversion Error Log.docx
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