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  1. I also experienced a problem with uploading a dataset (excel file). When it exceeds more than 100 collums, Nvivo won't import it... So I imported only a part of it (the part I had to analyze first). Now I wan't to link it to the other parts. But that seems also impossible.
  2. Nvivo is rather new for me. For a while I'm having trouble with comparing coding between different sources (example: interview A coming from source 1, interview B coming from source 2 in interviewer X). I wonder if it's even possible in Nvivo? The main goal is to compare the coding of the nodes for similarity. The nodes are the same for both sources. I tried cluster analysis. This doesn't seem to do the trick (too many cases). Matrix coding doesn't do the trick either. Coding comparison seems ideal, but that's only used for different users. The cases I will use, are being filtered out by
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