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  1. I would like to zoom in on my transcript so that I can code it more easily. Since installing the Mac software update, 'zoom' is always greyed out. How can I activate the zoom function so that I can make the text easier to see?
  2. Hello, In my case study research I have five different cases. Each case is a different school location. Within each of those cases, I have interviews, focus groups, print material etc. These I have coded. How do I produce a report that reveals which codes are associated with each of the separate cases (school locations)? In other words, the same codes are used across all of the cases, but I need to be able to report on each separate case. Thank you!
  3. I am coding a video, but find that the playback function gets stuck within the section I have just coded. I can't get out to keep watching the video and keep coding. How do I continue to watch beyond the section that I have coded?
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