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  1. Hi - whenever I try to search the text of my transcript, Nvivo crashes. I can only type one letter, and then the whole program shuts down. it has done this 5 times in a row now.
  2. hello! so i am having 2 major issues. 1) i have several audio files that I cannot get Nvivo to accept, despite them being mp3 files. i been saving them as Mov through through quicktime, but i guess i am just wondering if I will have to continue to do this for ALL my mp3s and m4as. Why does Nvivo have so much trouble accepting these standard audio formats? 2) i recently created a new folder within the internal folder, to separate my audio from my pdfs. the result of this is that all my audio files were "lost," and I had to reimport them all (or update the location of the file, despite
  3. hi all - i have been working on transcribing an audio, but the audio has now disappeared. the transcript-in-progress is there, and on the right hand side of the window I have the blue time keeper/audio display, but on the lefthand side of the window... there's a little yellow notepad icon with a green speech bubble, rather than the black and white audio/waveform thing. needless to say i can't keep transcribing, as there's no file to play. where did my audio go? it's still on my computer and in all my files? if i re-import the audio file, will I lose the transcription I've already done?
  4. Hi all - I have some interviews that are split up into different files (the person had to go check on lunch, take a phone call, etc etc). Is there any way to merge these different segments in NVivo into one file so I can have a full transcript rather than 3 different chunks? I tried to see what the "merge" function might do... But it didn't do anything. Thanks!
  5. I am having the same issue! NVivo seems to selectively decide some of my MP3s are valid while deeming others (all MP3) as "unrecognizable"
  6. i have noticed that when I am transcribing, I cannot get the text window to scroll down automatically. so, every time i finish with one line of text, i have to manually scroll down the text window in order to be able to see what I'm typing. are there any settings I can adjust so that the window automatically shows the text i am actually typing, rather than having to manually drag the scroll bar down to see each new line?
  7. this is the message i've recieved every time i've tried to start a project with my newly purchased license. "this project did not close successfully the last time it was opened. please restart your computer and try opening it again" ... needless to say, that does not help. I had started a project with my trial, but can't that to open either. so basically, i cant get the program to work, at all. every new project i start gives me that message. and when i try to open the trial project, it says the same thing. help! i just bought this and really need to start working with it... (have contacted I
  8. csarge

    foot pedal

    thanks! but im worried about if there's a difference between Mac and Windows versions... the link is for Nvivo Windows
  9. can you use the transcribing program in NVivo with a footpedal? i am specfically considering the : Infinity USB Digital Foot Control with Computer plug (IN-USB2)
  10. Thanks! in the mean time, if i want to import videos (from youtube) to code as data, should I find some sort of export application, save them to a file, and then import as a normal video file? would this be supported?
  11. Hi - i am wondering when Nvivo for Mac will be able to work directly with youtube videos, facebook pages, etc. I find myself dealing with lots of youtube videos in particular. In lieu of NCapture being able to work these directly, are people using some sort of app/add on with their web browser to export videos, fbook pages, etc. and then important into Nvivo? thanks!
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