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  1. Hi all I recently switched to Mac and therefore (re)activated my Nvivo 12 Pro Student License on my new Macbook. I also transformed my Nvivo project into mac format (following the instructions on the website). Now I opened the project on my mac and at first everything seemed fine until I realized that the 'See Also' links in my memos (which connect me to my primary sources) seem to have disappeared. Can someone please tell me whether it's possible to display the links somehow? Not having them would be a huge problem for me. Thanks for your help! PeterS
  2. Hi Andrew Yes, that would be great. Thanks for helping me with this!
  3. Hi Andrew Thanks for the advice, here is the info: The jump in file size happened between the backup created at the end of June 17th and the one made at the end of June 20th (see the screenshot). I now exported all imported PDF files (a total of 13 documents) which have a total size of 2004 KB (2MB). I only imported 2 NVCX during that time, which add up to 3482 KB. That's all I imported during that time. As you see, there is a differenze of about 295 MB that seem to come from nowhere... Regards, PeterS
  4. Hi Andrew, I know that the file size varies with the number of pages covered - however, I have 3-page documents that have 16MB file size - that's why I wrote that there must be a serious mistake with the software. To answer your question: I didn't import data sets. How can I identify the concrete import date of a file? Thanks for your help Regards PeterS
  5. A supplement: I just captured another article in Google Chrome that had 38MB!! For a few paragraphs of plain text.. (the same article captured via the windows explorer had just 5 MB (although this is still far too big)
  6. Hi, thanks for replying! I captured the articles with NCapture as PDF (NVCX format). Some of them are indeed quite big (I saw one short article that has 38MB, saved as PDF - I think that's far too big for what's in it) However, what surprises me is that I had such a big file-size explosion from one day to the next - which cannot be explained by the few articles I imported during that time. I attach a screenshot in which you can see the increase. Regards PeterS
  7. Dear all I would like to report an issue that I encountered yesterday when creating a backup of my project file (the backup is saved on a server). From one day to the next, the file size doubled - from 400MB to more than 800MB. This is quite strange, since I only captured some newspaper articles during that day..(I keep around 30 seperate back-ups and the file size from one back-up to the next is usually much smaller). Accordingly, when I now want to copy the project to our university server, it takes much longer (and, maybe that's of interest: there shortly appears the notice "no responding"). However, the project (and the backup) can be opened and work just fine. I'm just a bit afraid that those 'phantom' size increases will repeat and my project will become difficult to manage. (since I've only uploaded and coded maybe a third of the data) Thanks for your help! PeterS
  8. Hi Andrew Thanks a lot, I've now upgraded and can import ncapture files again. I would like to ask you another question concerning the import process: Before, I used NCapture in IE and there the files were saved in user/documents/ncapture. Now, using ncapture in chrome, the default folder for ncapture files is my usual downloads folder (which I want to clean every now and then). So, is it possible tochange the default folder for files captured in chrome? I would like to have them saved in the old folder (since this is also the folder which appears when I click on ....FromNcapture in the software). This would make things easier. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello everybody I have recently updated from Nvivo 10 to 11 and now have some difficulties importing NCapture files. In the 10 version, I clicked on 'import from other sources' and could there click on 'from NCapture'. In the 11 version, this button seems to have disappeared (I can only import from RefWorks, Zotero, Evernote, etc.) Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much! Best, Peter
  10. Hi Tane, Thanks for your answer! The link you posted mostly provides infos on how one project is 'integrated' into another. It does not say whether it is possible to merge 10-15 projects into kind of a 'superproject' (the 10-15 sub-projects would have the same node structure though). I would like to know whether it is fairly common to merge projects in that way or, on the other hand, whether it is quite common to work with a complex node structure encompassing about 600 nodes (again, if I estimate correctly: I thought that the node strucutre per case gets multiplied by the number of cases if I put everything into a big project; the highest node level would then be the 'case node', right?). Thanks again! PeterS
  11. Hi everybody, I am doing a dissertation on policy change after crisis, in which I will analyze 10-15 cases (crisis & policy change-related issues after the crisis) using internet-based research (mainly relying on inquiry reports, transcripts of debates, newspaper articles, etc.). The number of documents analyzed for each case is hard to estimate, for some some 50 documents should be enough, for other seveal hundred documents seem likely. For each case I have developed kind of a case study 'form' or 'framework' (based on theory) that allows me to cover information relevant for answering the research questions (the study proceeds in an inductive manner and aims at a context-sensitive account of the case). My plan is to 'capture'/replicate my case study form/framework with a node structure (or hierarchy) in Nvivo and then code material accordingly so that I get a complete picture of the case. I need to assess several features concerning the crisis, actors, their arguments used, or policy change - so quite a complex node hierarchy (my guess is that I will use a minimum of 40 nodes on at least three levels; not considering new nodes during the coding process). I will first analyze each case seperately before I will compare cases and I'm not sure yet whether I will use Nvivo for case comparison (since I'm not yet really familiar with all the features). This brings me (finally;) to my question: Should I create a seperate project for every case to hold down complexity (in terms of node hierarchy mainly)? And if so, would it still be possible to analyze cases in a comparative way (across projects so to say)? Or is it better to put everythin into one project (with 600 nodes or so in the end if I calculate correctly)? I just want to minimize errors in the planning phase and get the most out of the software. Thanks for helping me with this! Best, PeterS
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